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Perhaps it was used as an advert.


"Once You Get Started" by Rufus and Chakka Khan has been spoilt for me as I still associate it with a TV advert (I think it was for a car) back in the 1980's. Once that link has been made it's not easy to break the association!

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I don't mind good songs used in ads so much. I just think there's sort of a funk shorthand in "Machine Gun" that sounds a bit facile or simplistic to me, which made it kinda easy for otherwise unfunky people in the '70s to emulate it. "Brick House" may seem overrun at this point, but there's something about the groove that still feels fresh to me…if that makes any sense at all.

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On of the best moments to listen to Funk for me is after a days work. Yesterday I had to work during the world cup soccer match and the party afterwards. Just relaxing on some Funk, this time the 'Out Of Sight' compilation of James Brown's work, just chilling while going home...

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killer stuff: http://www.dustygroove.com/item.php?id=9mhbk4gff3


funky library music really hits the spot, and this compilation is a banger!

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That is one dangerous link you posted there, very tempting music...

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We All Love Hot Pants - 14 Funky Hot Pants Songs


01. 20th Century- Hot Pants (part 1)
02. Guy Morris- Hot Pants Party
03. The Soul Bros- Girl In The Hot Pants
04. Syl Johnson- Annie Got Hot Pants Power
05. Oceanliners- Cutting Room (Hot Pants)
06. Lee Sain- Them Hot Pants
07. The Rhythm Machine- Hot Pants
08. Norma and the Heartaches- Hot Pants
09. Jimmy Bee- Hot Pants
10. James Brown- Hot Pants Pt. 1
11. Hank Carbo- Hot Pants
12. Carleen & the Groovers- Hot Pants
13. Wee Willie Mason- Funky Funky Hot Pants
14. Dramatics- Hot Pants In The Summertime


SQ on youtube is horrid...anyways: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpDSGDrlfBQ

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One of the Thumpasaurus pioneers passed last week…farewell, StarChild…



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Its time to swing!



I wonder what he is saying to the girl?


This is Euro groovy baby ..



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Yes Resect,


Here is one I posted earlier with the guys running around New York having fun.



You can tell when it is because of the shot of the Billboard advertising the Godfather movie.

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talk about giving a Shaft'y spin to a classic Bill Withers tune: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Creative+Source+Who+Is+He+And+What+Is+He+To+You

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Yeah man, pure super heavy funk: http://www.google.com/search?q=The+Third+Guitar+-+Baby+Don't+Cry&hl=en


I think I remenber it from one of the first volumes of the Goldmine Soul Supply "The Sound of Funk" compilations...this is pure raw phunkiness, they don't make them like this no more


It's also on the mind blowing "Funk Spectrum II" compilation, this one is too hot to handle! there sure was a hell lot of killer tunes in the late 60's

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All the "Spectrum" comps are damn fine.

BBE does them up right.


I Love that they named their label after this track.



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Good piece on the making of a classic by OutKast…



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413 views? That track is good, not wowing but very funky indeed, lyrics included.


Outkast's 'Aquamini' was unknown for me. I used to be into Hip Hop but that is in the past. I should check out that album...

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