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SOLD: K702, HD595

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I've been buying quite a few different sets lately to see what I like and don't like.

Basically, I've figured out that I live the Sennheiser 'veil' of the HD600/650, so I'm modifying my HD580s and trying to grab a paid of HD650s.

No pets, no children, non-smoking, etc. I don't like to buy goods from those types of settings, so I feel it's important to mention this.

That being said, I'm selling my Sennheiser HD595s that were purchased last year. VERY nice condition, no cracks in the headband, earcups, connectors, etc. The cable is in great shape - no twists, breaks, cuts, etc. I've taken several pictures of these in an attempt to capture the condition. Finally, the earcups are VERY plush, and extremely clean (as you can see). No box, only the headphones themselves. I'd like to get $OLD to Briggz for these since they are in such nice shape. PIC HERE More pics below.

Also up for sale are my BRAND NEW AKG K702 headphones. I bought these on FRIDAY (2 days ago) and burned them in for 2 days using pink noise. I've determined that the sound signature is VERY different from Sennheiser, and is just not my thing. These are BRAND NEW - they were worn for approx. 10 minutes after 2 days of burn-in using pink noise from my Aune amp. Please look at the pictures to see no dust, even a spec, on the pads. Also take note that this is the new 8-bump version of the headband which is VERY comfortable. The old 7-bump version placed a bump right in the middle of the band - this is far better. I bought these for $250, and I'd like to get most of my money out of them. So, I'd like $OLD to SanJoseCanJunkie. PIC HERE More pics below.

PayPal is preferred - no fees if you want to pay them on your end, or send the payment as a gift. I will send via UPS or USPS. Selling to the USA and CANADA only, sorry overseas guys.

Feedback is available here (bought 2-3 sets over the years, need to start a thread - just bought a set of HD580s the other day), but majority of feedback is located as follows:

Ebay - 'seanrayfield' - 150 Positive (including purchase of AKG K702, new headphone amp, etc.

Heatware - 'ThetaOne' - Years of trading feedback there from forums all over the Internet.


ImageShack Album - 7 images
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pm sent

for 702s sent
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Bought my HD650s finally - price drop on both of these!
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Prices now include shipping to the CONUS.
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K702s sold, big price drop on 595s.
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Both sets sold, thanks!
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