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Best In Ear for a Bass Addict

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So I am on the search for the best bass in ear headphones. I own the beyerdynamic dt770 pros for full ear headphones (though I dont think they have as much bass as my previous sennheiser hd212 pro). Now I am trying to crave my bass needs on the go. I bought the dr dre beats in ear headphones having the hopes that they would dominate everything and to my disappointment, they sound great in every other aspect other than bass... Very contradicting to their selling point imo. I have the 3 flanged tip on them that makes me cough everytime I put them in just to try to squeeze as much bass out of them as possible but theyre still not craving my needs. I owned a paid of vmoda bass freq. that made me want to listen to music all day long with the perfect amount of heavy bass I was looking for but I stepped on those. I am about to call it quits and buy another pair of the vmoda's but I decided to come to the headphone gurus to see if I am missing anything else on the market. I am looking for headphones to have so much bass that its going to rattle the teeth of the person standing next to me ( well not that much but you get the idea). So does anyone know of such headphones?
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I haven't heard the dt770 pros, but your post made me remember this one:

Originally Posted by Bigsy View Post
I listen to a lot of dance/electronic and these things are incredible for it, I seriously can't believe it sometimes, the soundstage and bass I swear matches my DT770Pros, for 18 Euros!!
I have these phones and to me they have wayyyy too much bass to listen to them unEQed, but YMMV.
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^is that quote referring to the Playaz N1?
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^ Yep, you just have to click the arrow next to the poster's name to jump from a quote to the original post. Sorry, I should have quoted the complete post and highlight the reference to the DT770Pros. Mea culpa.
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Beats Tours are a joke in the bass department, unfortunately. I don't understand what Monster was thinking, the Studios are bass monsters but Tours has a severe bass roll off, it has zero lower bass. I am not sure how they could allow such a joke to happen. It's a shame because I really like the design of the Tours.

Ah well.

I have both the DT770 and the HD212 Pro and I'm not sure how you can say that the DT770 doesn't have as much bass as the HD212. DT770 steamrolls all over the HD212. You might not be amping it properly.

As for an IEM that sounds like the DT770? Two come to mind. The Metro.Fi 170/220 have a similar V-freq curve as the DT770 and have the same slam and impact. Very cheap, too. Another option would be the Monster Turbines. Turbines though are overall smoother and less harsh compared to the other two (MF170 and DT770).

Haven't heard the Vmoda Bass Freq, I opted to get the more expensive Vibe, which is also a great option but the sound is different. A lot smoother than the MFs or Turbines, sounds a lot more like the Senn IE8. Which is another bass monster IEM btw -- like a deep ocean of bass and diving right in it.

Any of these would be good options for you as a bass head.
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Hippo VB's, best bass in quantity and quality, it also has great highs and mids. and is only 80$
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For US$100 and under, my choice for a basshead is the Klipsch S4/S4i (but replace the Klipsch-supplied ear tips with the Comply T-100 or Tx-100 ear tips).

For over US$100, the Futuresonics Atrio M5 or M8 would be my choice if you want decent bass.
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If you want great, natural, and powerful but not boomy bass, then look no further than the JVC HP-FX500s.

SEYO-shop.com*»*Headphones*»*JVC-Victor*»*JVC-Victor HP-FX500

I'll leave the review to shigzeo:

Honestly, they have the best bass I've ever heard in an IEM.
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I have the Bose in-ear and they deffinitly have lots of bass. Its not very tight or textured bass but it goes very low, deep, and has plenty of slam. And the bass dosent distort even at high volumes. The mids are a bit warm/murky sounding, but still pick up decent detail and good imaging for an in-ear. The highs are rolled off early and there isnt much shimmer to the cymbals, but it is unfatiguing and smooth sounding nonetheless. They are not really audiophile level headphones but they dont try to be. Its more of a "fun" and colored headphone that gives the impression of being powerful and dynamic, yet with a laid back and easy to listen to sound. The tonality and accuracy is what bose is not good at. But they are very enjoyable to listen to IMO.

If your considering them, just remember they are NOT noise isolating.
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From what I've heard, the Hippo VB is one of the best universal IEMs you can get in terms of bass quality and quantity and they're only $80 or so. I'd look into them.
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Ultimate Ears Super-Fi 5EB has big heavy bass and overall clear mids, highs with good isolation. THe JVC FX500 and Denon C710 has deep reverbing bass with much more open mids n highs (really wide soundstage on FX500). The other options are like ATH-CKS70, Hippo VB, Eterna, S4 and Sony XB40EX.
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monster turbine pro golds or the hippo vb...just that this vb is harsh sometimes in the highs
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Nuforce NE-7M (if you have an iPhone) or NE-6. I owned the Klipsch S4 but I am more satisfied with the earthmoving bass on the nuforces. I listen to Industrial Bass Machine.
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monster turbine pro gold, do bass very well for me.
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Hippo VB for me
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