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Help Me Match My K601s With an Amp.

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I've tried to like my K601s, but they just seem harsh and fatiguing. And I don't know what to do. Could this be a burn in issue? I don't have many hours on them. But, I also don't have a very good amp. I'm currently feeding them with a sub-par DAC/amp combo from a chinese hi fi diy outfit operating on ebay. I feel like that could be the problem. I've heard that you really need to send some current through these cans to get them to sing.

I was thinking about getting something tube. I've never had a tube amp before and I thought that might warm them up and help them be less fatiguing. Maybe one of these from pacific valve.

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Tl:dr - I'm currently a little underwhelmed with my K601s and I'd like to really fall in love with them. My amp is questionable. What can we do to fix that?
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You should try with ss amps. Heed , graham slee solo , audio gd 2c or lake people g100.
And using akg k701/2 pads ads depth to sound, still very different than k701 sound.
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I really, really liked my K601 out of my Travagan's Red (with the AD743 op amps)-- at the moment without having done a real A/B test, I'd say I like them better off the Travagan's than on my EF5 (very powerful amp and twice the price at that).

Depending on where you live, your best option may be to go to a meet up near you and bring your K601s along and just start plugging them into every amp you see. As for Loopfreak's pad suggestion-- you'll get more detail and clarity with the K701/2 pads as they're thinner, but a less analogue mid range and less bass; if going that route, weigh the benefits and losses as the pads aren't too cheap if I remember correctly.
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i really like the K601 but in my experience they benefit with a stiffer SS amp. they sound pretty poor out of my BM DAC1.
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I'd suggest a more complete option - Audio-gd Fun.
It has a very good built in DAC & HP amp and it's configurable in terms of sound signature.
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