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Sansa Fuze vs. Clip vs. Clip +?

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I have the clip and I enjoy the sound, I may be getting a Fuze or a Clip + to replace it. How is the sound signature different between the 3? Thanks
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Haven't heard the clip, but I have a fuze and a clip+. The clip+ is a tiny bit warmer than the fuze, but it's just a tiny bit of difference. Barely noticeable. From what I've read, the clip and fuze sound the same, so that might give you a clue. For sound quality, you won't be getting an upgrade or a downgrade. If you need a micro SD slot, it'll be a nice upgrade.
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I’d say they all sound very similar and the advantage that you would gain with the Clip+ and the Fuze would be the expansion slot. Also with the Fuze you would get a bigger screen and you can make or buy a LOD for the Fuze if you ever want to pair it with an amp.
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I would recommend the Fuze, just for the LOD.
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Originally Posted by kunalraiker View Post
I would recommend the Fuze, just for the LOD.
I agree. You're not going to get that much of an increase in SQ and the Fuze/Clip sound the same.
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I've been switching between my Fuze and Clip+ for a week now and i must say that the Clip+ sounds a little better to my ears. I can not hear any difference though between the regular clip( both of my daughters have one) and Fuze. Makes me wonder if theres a different chip in the Clip+ or a newer version. Anyone else feel the same about the SQ of the Clip+? if it sounds better than the Fuze and Clip( regular)?
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They both sound almost the same to me. Clip+ sounds about 2-3% warmer than the Fuze, and maybe just a tiny bit better. The Clip+ seems like it has slightly more accurate volume control, and that probably has something to do with it. Both are on normal/flat EQ with RE0's (non-foam modded).

I like the FM radio better on the Fuze. My Clip+ doesn't work on 95.9 and 96.1. It's silence. No static, or anything. Can anyone else with a Clip+ check on this and see if theirs does the same thing?

@ the OP: The Fuze and Clip+ are pretty cheap. You could get one of each, and spend about $100 if you've got the money and are curious enough. Try them both, return one, and use that money for a micro SD card. Just a thought.
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fuze v1 for the rockbox.
Clip+ for the portability, i have all 3 actually.
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I've had my fuze for a couple of days and have rockboxed it. Prior to rockboxing, I personally prefer the sound of my clip actually. However, rockbox really improves the SQ of a v1 Fuze.
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I'll go for the fuze if I can
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Originally Posted by GarageBoy View Post
I'll go for the fuze if I can
Newegg.com has pretty good deals on recertified Fuzes. Got my 8GB from them for $47 shipped. It's at $50 shipped right now. They only ship to the US though.
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Can anyone confirm the battery life of the Clip + playing solely FLAC files?
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any difference in amplifier power of the fuze and the clips? I have the clip and I am getting a fuze, just wondering if it is easier to power demanding headphones with the fuze...
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They use the same chipset, same power out just that the endurance is difference.
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I got a Sansa Clip yesterday and all I can say is - amazing SQ. Totally amazing. I'm questioning my Ipod Classic + iBasso D4..
Sure the Ipod + LOD + D4 sound a tiny bit more high res and adds a bit more sound stage, but for the money the Clip is crazy good sounding. Better than all of the Cowon players I have owned (all compared with flat EQ).
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