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Oh ya
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Originally posted by MacDEF
Except in the U.S. they aren't $20 (I am curious to hear them, though, to see how they stack up against the KSC-35.)
Well, MacDEF, you were referring to the Philips HP550's price - I know they aren't $20 in the U.S., but somewhat higher. The HP550 lists for $60 , but after typical dealer discounting they sell for half that much ($30).
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Originally posted by Xander
Anyway.. I think I've pretty much decided to go with an AirHead and use my AKGs. It's the only way. Still thought, I'm stuck on the PCDP issue. What about that Panasonic one that HeadRoom sells?

Also, I've heard from some people that there is a lack of dynamic range on PCDP's due to compression to save battery life.. How true is this?
OneCall.com still has the Panasonic 570 for sale for $78. I just got one a couple of weeks ago to replace the 470 that I lost while moving (found it last week). It is a really good PCDP with a 10 second anti-shock (in addition to compressed 40 sec) that doesn't affect the sound at all.

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I find the KSC-50s boomy myself (A bit too much but sometimes in a good way), and I think MACDef said that the 35s are bassier, while he thought the 35s sounded better (Maybe the mids are better?).

Compared to my HD600s, the KSC-50s have little low bass, somewhat exxagerated midbass, slightly exxagerated upper bass, the mids seem to take a dip somewhere, and the lower treble is exxagerated a bit to my ears, and they aren't too detailed. For $20, they put up a pretty good fight .

I think people here have said the Porta Corda or JMT amps outclass the TA by a good margin, but the TA is still decent for a cheap portable. I have a regular Airhead and while I like it, I can hear several areas where it could be improved (Hiss is annoying, a touch dark, and a touch warm, along with not being the most powerful amp in existance), but it drives my HD600s fairly well.

For portables - avoid the Panasonic 270s, they suck. Mine has this horrible fuzzy distorted sound, it is very annoying with the HD600s and fairly audible on my KSC-50s.
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