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FS: Reimyo DAP-777 modified

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This unit has an external hard-wired power supply that was added by DB-Systems in France. The power supply features seperate analog and digital transformers. It also has an upgraded clock board inside. It does have an extra BNC connector on the rear panel that is not connected (was probably going to be used for an external clock input).

In excellent condition. Looks great and has no scratches. This is a wonderful sounding DAC.

Also listed on the 'gon. Head-fi price is $1850 shipped (was $1900)

US Sale only please. Check my feedback and buy with confidence.

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Make me an offer bump. I'd like this gone soon.
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Price drop

$1850 Shipped
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free bump & a ausggestion- put your new price in 1st post, many don't scroll down to see what's below
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Hi, is it only 110V or can it be changed to 220V (in the separate power supply)?

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The power supply transformers have dual primaries so it would be re-wired for 220V use. There is NO switch for this and the change would need to be done by someone qualified to do it.

This being said, I would really prefer a US sale.
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