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Amp for Xbox 360

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I'm looking to buy something to connect my headphones and a mic to my 360. I also want something that just makes my music sound better. Not sure if I can have all three things, but you guys know more about this stuff than me.

The only thing I've come across that does the first two things, not sure if it makes my music sound better, is the Astro Mixamp. If anyone has any other suggestions then let me know because I rather not spend so much money.

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Do I also need to buy this http://www.astrogaming.com/products/...71/Y-Adaptor/?
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I had the Astro Mixamp for about 4 months and loved it to death. Amazing sound due to the Dolby Surround encoding that it has.

If you get the headset you're all set but you can also just buy a mic and plug it separately (gives an adapter) if you want to use other headphones.

Oh and after looking at that I think it comes included with the mixamp. I got one with mine anyway.
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I see, and do you think I need to get the Rechargeable battery and TOSlink Optical Cable? I don't even know what the optical cable does though.
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Well.... No. I mean it has a USB power cable so just plug it into your xbox when you use it and you have power; I mean unless you're going to be using all of the other ports on the xbox... you will have no use for it.

But the Toslink cable plugs into the back of the AV plug for your xbox (make sure you rplug has one, its on the back of the part that plugs INTO the xbox above the power, should be a little black flap that you can plug it into.

If you have that you can use the Toslink and plug that into the mixamp so you can use that instead of the included red/white audio cords. You get better sound through it but IMO just save some bucks and either get the cable somewhere else online or at radio shack or walmart or something.
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I bought the Astro Mixamp in January and i use it alongside my HD25's. Great amp for gaming and like "Young Spade" said the Dolby Headphone effect definitely steps your game play up a notch!

Just one thing i thought i might mention is that the 2010 model (which i bought) no longer comes with the "Headphone/ Mic Splitter cable" and you will need to purchase it separately if you wish to use your own headset (Headphones can still be plugged into the amp but you won't have the ability to chat.) I found this out the hard way and the U.K. Astro site does not sell this cable, i just ended up making my own because delivery from the States for a small cable was ridiculous!

Anyways happy gaming! PS i can't comment on the amp for playing music, but the amp does give you the option to turn off the Dolby surround sound for normal stereo playback.
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Wow that really sucks. I had no idea they stopped selling the y splitter cable as well.
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The mixamp is solid for gaming.
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