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Which Amp for K701 under $1000?

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So I've been combing through threads and obviously this is a much covered topic, but the info is pretty scattered. Here and there someone will namedrop the amp they use, or there will be a thread where someone has a $100 budget for their amp. I really havn't found a good discussion about the proper way to power the K701. If it exists, post me the link, otherwise, lets hear it!
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I am by far no expert.....but the two amps that seem to stand out in my researching is either the Heed canamp or Woo WA6. I opted for the Woo and have no regrets.

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The GS-1 was a good fit if your 701 is stock SE.
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I drive the K701's using both Woo WA6 and Mapletree HD200. Both work great, although the HD200 provides more gain.
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imho, GS-1 or Beta22(DIY to stay <$1000 or if you get lucky on a 2 or 3 board build).
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If I want a "correct" sound over a "musical" sound, am I better off staying away from tubes?

DoingOK, I've never seen such a giant tube on a headphone amp before. That is sweet! And very affordable.

Itsborken, what does stock SE entail? If you mean un-modded in anyway, then that's my case, stock cable and all.

Wfranklin, I could only find the 'Ear+ HD' model on Mapletree's site; is that suppose to be the latest in the series? It looks a lot smaller than pictures I've found of the 200.

Dcpoor, I don't know if I'm ready for DIY yet. Although I always like a new challenge!
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Originally Posted by Michael Takashi View Post
If I want a "correct" sound over a "musical" sound, am I better off staying away from tubes?
I don't think you want to do that. My K701 can be best described as "cold", "analytical", and "dry". You may get bored by them really fast. A high powered tube amp brings the musicality into the K701.
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the beta22 is a pretty advanced build, definitely not for beginners. I hope to one day be able to build one.

There was a 3 board beta22 in the amp forsale forum for $1100, looked pretty good but a bit over the $1000 mark.
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i have the k702 and WA6, and love it.

i'm gonna warn you, though - be patient with these cans and this amp. the combo will change every day for about a month.
no joke.
longest reported burn in time of any cans? probably.
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I'm told that the burn-in time for the K701 > 1000 hours. Mine is a 2nd handed one so I can't comment on it. What is is know the K701 is very good after burn-in. Also, it should be worthwhile to recable it as well.
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I've heard SS are better suited for the K701/702's
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My Woo 3+ is great with The 701/702. Have it very modded and nice tubes though?
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I'm also interested in this (although with a much cheaper budget, more like $300 or so used), as I have recently gotten a K702 and am unsure how well my EF-1 is driving it.

I read through the entire 701 Appreciation thread and saved a list of some amps discussed there that appealed to me (some already mentioned). In no order:

iBasso D2 Boa
Darkvoice 332/336i
Millett MAX
RSA P-51
Heed canamp
Essence ST
Mapletree Ear
MF X-Can v8
Bravo Hybrid
Shanling PH-100 PH300 PH3000
Meier Corda headfive
Bada PH-12

(Some are more than my price limit I know, but I just wanted to check them out anyway...you never know...)
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My 701s are sounding fantastic through my Benchmark DAC1.

They're definitely a more "critical" listen compared to my Sennheiser 580s but I enjoy the change.

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The things to look for are high power and low output impedance. Don't worry too much about tubes vs solid state. Good tube amps sound very detailed and neutral, while good solid states sound very musical and fluid. If an amp sounds too tubey or too solid-statey, then you're really just hearing distortion, which is minimal in good designs.

Anyways, at the end of the day, the K701 is still just a headphone, which means even $500 worth of good amplification is probably enough. If you don't have your source figured out yet, you really should worry about that first.
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