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Wow, I realised I've not updated my ALO LOD thread and I need to. A few short words here:


Great flexibility on the cable itself, sturdy, and thanks to LOD, gets rid of my Sony Hiss (with a quiet amp). Word of warning though: the LOD is good, but some Sony units have poor line outs. My A828 has a decent line out with lots of volume and space and resolution, but the A845 rolls off pretty steeply in the treble. 


Still, I tend to prefer LOD/amping the Sony because of the hiss and the ticking in the background. Thanks Ken.

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I have the sony nwz s544 ,im assuming it will also fit on that port as im looking to buy it today, as also i think my sony mp3 is also in ALO photos. i will be using it with TTVJ slim / sony mdr ex 1000s iem..... cant wait !!!!!!!!!!

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Can my Walkman ZX100 use this to connect to non sony DAC/AMP?
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