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SONY Line Out Dock - finally!

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curses! now there's no reason for me not to get a sony dap!
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Ordered with overnight shipping! Thanks Ken!! Nice work. You've made many a Sony owner very very happy.
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Does it provide a proper line out as an iPod? Cheers.

Hey Ken, how would you rate it up against an iPod/ALO-Rx combo driving your favorite headphones.
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Do all Sony dap have the same line out?

I just sold my Sony X, too bad.
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Dear Ken,
is it compatible with sony nwz-x1060 and how much is it?
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Have a read of the last few pages of this thread, particularly starting with P7 (apparently it provides full line out capability with all Walkmans):

Price is listed on the ALO site since it's up live there now.
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These are durable and quicker than the earlier line outs. I have already ordered them one for my discman. Now its your turn
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Awesome! But I already sold my P-51 amp... I noticed no difference whether the Walkman X was with the P-51 or not anyway. Maybe one day I may save up for a T3 and this LOD
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$135 for a Sony line out cable.....DAMN!!!

I paid $50 for the LOD.
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$135 isn't that expensive. ALO have like $200 iPod LOD...
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anyone have reviews? omg.
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Originally Posted by Rip N' Burn View Post
$135 for a Sony line out cable.....DAMN!!!

I paid $50 for the LOD.
Its not "a" LOD its a ALO LOD!!


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i wonder if the cable is made of OCC
is it cyro cable with silver plated?
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