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Headphones with Best Overall Build Quality?

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We, here at Head-Fi, would probably all agree that sound quality supercedes all other aspects of a pair of headphones. I myself would also agree, but I do have to say that build quality is also very important to me. As someone who enjoys building things, I have a lot of appreciation for a high-quality product that is well-assembled, with good fit and finish, and constructed of quality materials.

I know that there was a thread similar to this about a month ago, but it seemed to me to be more of a discussion of durability. Heavy-duty plastic can be extremely durable, but I wouldn't necessarily say that headphones made of plastic have great build quality.

My definition of build quality encompasses all of the following:
-- Quality of materials
-- Fit and finish
-- Solidarity and good operation of moving parts, such as the headband size adjusters
-- Durability

So, in your opinion, which headphones have the best overall build quality?

My two cents: of all the headphones I've tried, I've been most impressed with my Beyer T1s and my Denon D7000s. I would probably have to give the edge to the D7000s, however, since the mahogany earcups are very nice, and the headband adjusters are made of metal (aluminum, I think), and they operate much more smoothly than the adjusters of the T1s. As a consolation prize, I would have to say that the T1s are probably more durable.

Also, I've never been able to try a pair of Ultrasone Ed8s, but the build quality looks phenomenal on those (as well it should be for $1500 ).
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German Maestro 8.35D monitors. Good luck trying to destroy these! http://www.german-maestro.de/compone...835monitor.jpg

Not a cool contender perhaps
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Quality of Materials: Denon
Fit and Finish: Depends on your tastes
Durability: Beyerdynamic, hands down
Solidarity: Beyerdynamic

Beyer makes VERY solid headphones. Denon's are fancy but poorly assembled.
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Don't think they would win any build quality competitions, but they sure get my vote - AKG K240DF.
Mine are about 20 years old (previous owner informed me that they serviced a German mastering facility for about a decade), still sing beautifully with hardly any damage or replaced parts.

I think the entire K240 range deserves a hats off for durability and quality.
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I'll say D7000 and K701.
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I'm waiting for cool bubba ice to chime in on the DT48 since I hear they're built like a tank.
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Beyer has many headphones built like tanks. But well most closed studio cans are really built to take abuse!
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Beyerdynamic, all the way.
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I say the Stax SR-007(BL).
Built to last using high quality parts, fit and finish. Arch and headband made of metal, leather pads and headband, solid and highly flexible cable, ...
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Ditto for me!

Originally Posted by majkel View Post
Beyerdynamic, all the way.
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Sennheiser HD25 I-II. Built to last!!!
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As long as well all agree that Grado and Sennheiser are the worst in this regard.
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Originally Posted by fjrabon View Post
As long as well all agree that Grado and Sennheiser are the worst in this regard.
In my experience I completely agree. Sometimes I wish I didn't like the Grado sound so much...
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Originally Posted by baka1969 View Post
I'm waiting for cool bubba ice to chime in on the DT48 since I hear they're built like a tank.
Well it's true..The drivers are incased in a steel housing 1/8 to 1/4 thick.. All nuts & bolts.. I asked Alex how the drivers on my early 50's DT48a looked.. He said very good! I could ship them in a huge box with no padding & wouldn't think twice about it.. One reviewer said a car ran over his DT48, & despite cosmetic damage it worked perfectly.. A tank.. Yes..
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Quality: Sennheiser's
Durability: Denons
Built to last: beyer's
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