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Theory has it that we understand speech by silently mimicking it as we hear it, in other words that speech production and speech perception are related. So nothing weird about people visibly mouthing, just that they're overdoing it a bit.

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Thank you for your post.  I have been recently told by my coworker and good friend that I do this.  I believe my kids have mentioned it in the past, but I didn't take it seriously until recently.  It is very subconcious for me, although I can make it a point to keep my lips closed and unmoving now that I am aware of it.  I still find myself off guard, when my kids ask me why I am doing it.  I think the person who said that it's easier to process when I mouth the words might be correct.  It definitely means I am serious about listening to what is being said.  I have a hard time retaining things that are said to me when I don't write them down.  I believe that mouthing the words being said helps me to retain the information.  I can definitely hear fine and I'm not too old, but I am female.  I am not schizophrenic that I am aware of.  Everyone's posts were very enlightening and helpful as this is a habit I am trying to break, because I think it's perceived as weird by most who experience it.

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Sorry to bump an old topic, but I could find anything else on this. 


I'm not a girl, but I've been accused of doing this multiple times. Apparently no one ever says anything cause it is awkward, but I do it all the time and I have zero awareness of it. We could be having a conversation about it and I'll still be doing it.


My brother is the only one that knows someone else who does this, but his friend says it after they say it and when I do it I'll either say it before or as you say it. My little sister just called me out because I finished her sentence 5 or 6 words before she did, it was exactly what she was going to say too. 


I'm not schizophrenic, although I do take a medication that treats people with this disorder, but I take it for something else.


I'd like to hear more about this from anyone.

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I actually do this myself, I was looking this up because I have had 3 people point it out to me that I mouth the words as they are saying them, I never know when im doing this, and I'm thrown off when they point it out because I really have no clue I'm doing it, I do it when they are speaking. Yes it is weird, and I have no clue why I do this.

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i am told I mouth words, and I am not aware of doing it. I have no hearing loss, and I am a female. When I am called out about doing it, it is really embarrassing. I have known two other men who did this. None of us are schizophrenic and are bright people. I can't figure it out.
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Holy crap okay, so i just went out of my way to set up an account just for this post i found during my research of this topic and I believe this is very real. I have noticed people doing this same thing sub-consciously as well, I have noted that they mostly do it when they know what your going to say such as when you repeat something or give an answer to a question they know the response to. I found this very weird and to the point of going this far to research and so on. I looked at the other responses before I went out of my way to do this and I have never thought about it until now but I usually look at people mouths when I talk to them unless its a very serious thing were I need to look them in the eyes out of respect of some sort. I truly think its a psychological thing with the person doing the mouthing that they don't know until you point it out. Its very weird and again I am glad some one else has noticed it. 

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I find that some people tend to like to try and finish what you're saying as a way to make some sort of interpersonal connection with you. The mouthing silently part is just them finishing your sentence without actually making noise and risk being rude by cutting you off or something.

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I also just had my daughter point out yesterday that my mouth was moving when I was listening to my niece on the phone. I was completely unaware of doing this. I've been told I do this several other times in the past. My hearing is excellent and I don't have any mental health problems. I wish I could tell when I'm doing this as I don't like to be annoying!!! However, it happens without me knowing about it. I can say I am always very involved in listening to another talk when it happens so I assume it helps me process what the other is saying. If I think about it ahead of time, I can consciously keep my lips closed-but it hard to train yourself to focus on keeping your lips sealed when you are focusing on what the other person is saying!
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I know this post is old but in general would like to add my viewpoint. I'm glad I found this, I've wondered why my aunt in law does this since I've met her, and today my mother. I've just noticed my mother doing it, and it's been after a strain in our relationship after my sister passed. I think it would make sense she is trying to build a stronger connection, it's telling that a lot of older females and mothers do it. My mother is hard of hearing, and i do talk fast and mumble sometimes. It is distracting and made me feel a little self conscious and confused, that they needed to repeat the movements of my mouth. The words are silent, it really is just mimicking at the same, like they are trying to figure out what words I am saying, I've noticed the aunt usually nods a little to herself when she understands. It must have something to do with them really caring and trying to be good listeners. Oh for the first time my mom has started kissing me on the mouth goodbyes, instead of cheek. I figure she must really need that mother daughter connection and wonder if the mimicking has a connection to some form of nurturing instinct.
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