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The beyerdynamic dtx60/dtx80/dtx100 - A few impressions.

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So there I was searching the forums to find out if anyone else had commented on the Beyerdynamic iem’s when I found pretty much nothing. Well in the absence of an experienced reviewer I thought I’d have a go at a few impressions. The phones are dynamic driver iem’s, the Beyerdynamic dtx60, dtx80, dtx100. They are retailing at the moment for, £54/$69, £72/$85, £80/$109. There is also the mmx100, a microphone version of the dtx100 for £100/$139 which I haven’t used.

Anyway, to what i think of them:

Build Quality: These phones are very conservative in design and although the 60 and 80 do look and feel cheaper they are all very solidly made. I’m not the most careful user of iem’s ever but mine still look almost new after a few months use. The 100 with their smart aluminium casing are the pick of the three though.

Comfort: Comfort is a real plus point for these phones. Stemming from the conservative design Beyerdynamic have played it safe with a simple straight down design which is effective. There may only be three pairs of tips included with them but I got a fit easily with them unlike a fair few other iem’s I have had. Microphonics were a bit of an issue with the 60 (a problem I haven’t had with the others) but it was no worse than the Sennheiser’s in the same price range.

Isolation: In a word, average. Admittedly though my other most used iem’s are Etymotic hf5’s which have pretty damn good isolation. They are on a par with most other iem’s I have in the price range though as they aren’t a very deep fit. T-400 comply tips do fit so isolation may be improved further with those but I haven’t felt the need to use them, after all I don’t need ear plugs.

Sound: Here is where the reason for the price differences become apparent. The reason I decided to get these phones was that they are dynamic driver phones. Most of my iem’s are BA drivers and a bit lacking in bass and I had long since fallen out with the Sennheiser sound signature (I have never had any of the ie series). The 80 and 100 produce a very balanced sound with a deep and full bass (without being overly boomy) which I really like. There is enough to satisfy me in some of the more bassy and even the weirder genres I listen to occasionally. The mids are strong and detailed in both and the highs are likeable enough. The 80 does I think lean on the bass a bit more than the 100 and as a result I think the highs suffer a bit and are rather harsh at times. The 60’s I didn’t get along with at all really. The bass present in the other two wasn’t nearly as nice. It’s still there, just, but it seems bloated and out of balance with the strong mids and the highs are prone to be harsh.

Summary: By keeping the design simple Beyerdynamic have created a pleasant, bass orientated sound which I find perfect for electronic music and as a good complement to my ety’s. I still have the dtx80 and dtx100 as I haven’t decided which one I like best yet. I will probably sell the 80’s at some point as the 100’s slightly better balance and looks win it over slightly. I sold the 60’s about a month ago and wouldn’t recommend them. The 80 and 100 however are two strong and slightly overlooked contender’s in the market, if maybe a year late. I am sure there are other better dynamic drivers at the price out there but none that I’ve tried and as these are still relatively new they may very well drop in price as retail at the moment is not far under the RRP. Two of my favourite electronic tracks in recent years are Groove Armada – Lightsonic and Matrix & Futurebound – Coast to Coast. I prefer both tracks and many others out of these than from any other iem’s I have although for lighter music I tend to find myself reaching for the ety’s again.

How's my reviewing? I'm not the most familiar with sound terms so i'm sure some wording may be a little wierd. I'm not and never will be an audiophile, i just listen to music i like and felt these earphones deserved at least one post on this forum.


6 month update:


It's been nearly six months since I bought these earphones and I still have the dtx100's. The 80's lasted until about three weeks ago when I got an offer I couldn't refuse on them. No, there were no dead horses involved.  Anyway I thought i'd post some answers to frequently asked questions in this thread to clear up a few issues. Since head-fi's re-organise I've also posted individual reviews of these earphones in the Head Gear section of the site.


Have you heard the mmx100? No but they are the same as the dtx100.
I'm a basshead, are these earphones for me? No.
How would you quickly describe these iem's? Fun.
How do they compare to Klipsch s4? The s4's to me are muddy compared to 80/100.
Do they sound like Beyer's full-size phones? No idea, never heard any of them.
Do you want to sell me your dtx80's? I've sold them already.
Do you want to sell me your dtx60's? I've sold them already.
Do you want to sell me your dtx100's? No, I like them.
Do they need an amp? I have never used them with an amp, I doubt they'll benefit much.
Are they better than my cx300's? Yes, don't expect that overwhelming bass drowning the music out.
Are they better than my apple earbuds? Seriously?
How do they compare to the re0? I've never heard the re0's.
Can I wear them over ear? No, not really.
Can you compare them to the grado sr80? No, never heard them.
Do you like Kelley Polar? I like "A feeling of the all thing" but not much else of his work.


Anyway I still have and am enjoying the dtx100's. I'm sure there are better iem's out there but at the moment I do not feel inclined to spend my 'Reliant Scimitar Fund' on them. For that reason alone I think they're good. Any questions, complaints, objections, mysteries, conspiracy theories or stories of delightful woe I will be happy to hear.

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I think you have done a fine job. These IEM are actually a little more well known in China then in the international scene. I guess one of the reason is that Beyerdynamic isn't particularly dedicate to portable headphone as much as their bigger brother.
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Just my suggestion, why not write a comparison of the Beyer's to other IEMs you own?
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i had no idea that beyer made iems ;p you learn something new every day

i think you did a good job with the review. thanks!
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I seem to remember a 'post mini reviews of your iem's' thread around here a while ago which i was thinking of posting in but can't find it in the search. When I get the time i could do a comparison of the iem's i've owned. Some of them arent discussed around here much though and ive never spent more than about £70 on any of them.
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My brother has the DTX 80's and I have to say that I've been quite impressed by them -a definite step up from the Sennheiser cx500's that he had previously. Much more detail is available and they are quite punchy too. The bass is crisp and more accurate too.

I haven't been able to do side by side comparrison with my X5's yet, but am quite keen to hear the differences.
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Yes, the level of attack and bass detail are really impressive. One thing holding me back from comparing to other iem's i have is they are a totally different sound. They are, however, streets ahead of the sennheiser's i've heard although price-wise the dtx100 at least should probably be compared to the ie6.
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I think you have written an excellent review, and provided a great service by writing about these overlooked IEMs. I recently owned the dtx 100 and liked them very much, but I ultimately returned them because of what I found to be a fatal flaw -- namely, I wear IEM cords over my ear, and the cord over one of my ears would keep falling off and pulling the bud out of my ear. I finally got so frustrated with constantly reinserting it that I returned them after about 60 days. But they did sound very nice, and I otherwise definitely would have kept them. Thanks for your review!
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I'm looking for low price IEM's. Currently see the choice as SM PL21 or JVC Marshmallows (of course I'll try to mod them) edit: or ME Electronics M9. Do you think DTX60 would be a nice step up from thease? They cost twice as much as the ones I was choosing between (and I'd like to spend as little as possible on portables), but I really like their design.
I'd like HPs that are robust, fast, maybe balanced a bit towards bass, with smooth highs, the wider the scene the better.
I know that in that price range I won't get any great HPs, but I'm a student, and I'd like to spend my cash the best way.

edit: added M9
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I have never heard the Pl21 or Marshmallows but at their price the dtx60 hold up reasonably against the competition so they should be a step up from those two. There are a few better for the money but they are not bad and they are well built and very comfy so you should be pleased if you're set on them. The 80's are really worth the extra £10 though.
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Thanks a lot for this review. I am trying since a month to search for reviews of the Beyerdynamic DTX 100/MMX 100 but I have been only able to get a What Hi-Fi review of the DTX 100. It has praised these earphones a lot, but the review is very small and without much detail.

It would be really great if someone could compare these to the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5vi as I am finding it extremely difficult to choose between these two as both are similarly priced for about $140. Any help choosing between these two would be highly appreciated as I need earphones (with inline mic) with medium bass (not boomy, but smooth), superb mids & highs and best clarity for my iphone.

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I have never owned the sf-5 so i can't give a definitive answer to how they compare but maybe a few notes.

Bass is quite a strong point of the dtx100 as there is plenty of it without it being too boomy or muddy. Mids and highs are well presented too though there are better out there at the price (like the ety hf5). By the newer design of the 5vi i would imagine the fit is easier to sort out than the sf-3 and the sf-5pro. I much prefer the beyer to the sf-3 that i do own.
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Thanks Marcus for your inputs...should help me in deciding the right choice...
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Thanks for your review Marcus.

Last week I bought the dxt 80's but am experiencing hardly anything at the bottom end. Bass is almost non-existent. Also the mid to high end sounds harsh and far too detailed, even with very decent recordings.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Is it reasonable to say that with a proper burn in period they won't dramatically change for the better? Did yours require any burn in or was decent bass present from day one?

Thanks in advance
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Which iem's have you to compare them to? If you compare them to senn's like the cx300 then they will have less bass. Highs on the 80's can be a bit harsh at times, I find them a bit harsh out of my sony b142 when i use that combo but if you're describing them as harsh and over detailed with limited bass then the basic sound signature may just not be for you. As far as dynamic drivers go they are not bass heavy earphones.

As for burn in I didn't notice much of a change in sound but by all means give it a go, many ppl say 'Bass filled out' and 'Treble sounds less harsh' when referring to burn in but it's true it won't change the overall sound.

Also make sure you can get a good fit, I didn't need to play around with many tips but quite a few different ones work.
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