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They are off course bigger then koss porta Pros or K81DJs but half the size of the Pro 900 for example. You don´t look dorky in them for me it´s the other way... Perhaps a bit to flashy like I am rich or something. I don´t care I use them anyway when I am not afraid to damage them in any way.
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Originally Posted by Kenny6007 View Post
meant edition8
I agree with your first statement too.
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Hey Guys, I already have the HD 800 w/SAA voice , JH13 w/TWag, if I want another highend phone, which of these two do you think I should get: The ED8 or the T1? Each of them have their pros and cons.

For the Ti, it seems like a tube amp is more desirable and I do not have tube amp. It is much cheaper. It is a open phone and I don't have any closed phone.

For the ED 8, it will cost more, but it is a closed phone and can be used as a portable phone.

The different features aside, if I only consider SQ which I should I have? Thanks for chiming in.
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