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Best Ultimate Ear IEM's?

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Hey everyone!
What are the best ultimate ear IEM's? I've read that the superfi3's are great, but how are they in comparison to others like the triplefi's?

If you own any UE's, please be sure to give me your thoughts!
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UE's "flagship" is the 18 Pro, but a bunch of forum members seem to really enjoy the Triple Fi 10's.
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The best is the one that suit your needs the most.

Are you a basshead? If so the SF3's will disappoint.
Generally the SF3's play second fiddle to the TF10 anyway, in every way.
Do you need something with easy fit and heavy bass? Then get the Metro.Fi's or maybe the UE700.

The best is not necessarily the most expensive, it's the one that suits you best. FIgure out what you want out of an IEM first, then come back and ask and we can help you figure out which one is best for you.
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Do the triple.fi10's have a heavy bass? I'm not necessarily a basshead but I do enjoy more bass than the "average" listener. I like how the TF10's are shaped as they look like they would fit well in your ear wihout dropping out easily.

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For entry-level phones, the sf3s are excellent. The sf5s are good too, but at their price point, you could find something more interesting, whatever your taste. The TF10s are flagship phones with a flagship sound.
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Originally Posted by cwindsor View Post
Do the triple.fi10's have a heavy bass? I'm not necessarily a basshead but I do enjoy more bass than the "average" listener. I like how the TF10's are shaped as they look like they would fit well in your ear wihout dropping out easily.

I didn't find them particularly bassy. Sufficient, but I would have liked just a touch more, in fact. They seem to be considered bassy on Head-Fi, though.

They actually do fit into your ears well, and stay there, if you use the popular mod of swapping the left earphone with the right. This fluke works so well that I think people who haven't tried it can't really comment on the TF10's design.

Without this mod, they have perhaps the most ridiculed ergonomics of any IEM.

I was very, very happy with the sound of mine. I would never personally buy from UE again however because of their refusal to respond to my emails requesting warranty service. I would actually encourage you to buy from one of the carpetbaggers who picked some up for $100 apiece.
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even with the flip mod their ergonomics sucked. i did find them to be pretty bassy but thats different for each listener.
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SF5 Pro destroy the SF3 Studio.

TF10 are better than the SF5 Pro but slightly different sound signature IMO.

I like the TF10 the most of the 3.
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I like my TF10s a lot. I think they have more than enough bass, the mids are not nearly recessed to the extent that people while about (unless my HD580 also have recessed mids?), and I don't find them to be in the least sibilant. I find with the flip mod and Sony Hybrid tips they are extremely comfortable - I wear mine for 6+ hours at work everyday. I really don't understand all the complaints about them, but everyone is welcome to their own opinion of course.

I've heard good things about the SuperFi 5 (non pro), which despite the name is the newest in the SuperFi 5 line up and by all accounts a significant step up from the SF5 Pro - but I haven't heard them myself. Despite being pleased with my TF10, I'm not sure I would venture in the land of UE customs personally. Don't know why, really.
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Thanks for all the replies!
What do you all think about the extended bass (eb) version of the SF5's? I've seen lots of good postings about the TF10's on head-fi but I haven't seen many postings on the SF5's (or maybe I need to browse the forums more).

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Being you can get the triples for around $190 new from amazon, makes them a high contender imho. I think the bass is fantastic on them and don't find them sibilant whatsoever. Unfortunately for me they are a bit big for my ears. Being the eb and 5 is close to that price, I think the triples are a steal.
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That's if you like it's sound of course. I wouldn't buy them at any price for my use at any price since it just wasn't for me.

However they are a good buy at under $200. To the OP, how much bass you you really want? I had the TF10 until a week or 2 ago and they had plenty of bass. I would be surprised if anyone called them a bass light phone.
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I guess it's kind of hard for me to figure out how much bass that I want with the fact that I haven't gotten my first pair of "true" audiophile phones yet. Right now though, I'm using an iTouch as my main source, and even with the muddy eq preset 'Bass Booster' on,the quality of the bass is really bad. Maybe it's just the non-audiophile phones I'm using right now?

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As far as price points go, the UE Metro.Fi 200 (if it still does exist) is the winner hear. In my ears, they share the same sonic quality of its higher-end SF/TF siblings.

As far as quality goes, among the universal fit IEMs the TF10s can't be beat assuming you like the UE house sound. Many head-fi'ers have complained of recessed mids, which push vocals to the background in favor of the low and high frequencies. Then again, such V=shaped music representation gives the TF10s an expansive soundstage (or headstage). Moreover, it has one of the best treble response among the high-end universals out there.

Like what others have been saying, now is the best time to get a pair of TF10s given their price range. I myself was fortunate enough to buy a pair of TF10s a few months ago, a few weeks after the mega-US$99 Amazon sale. If not for such, I would still be languishing with my Shure SCL2s.

Just remember that before buying earphones, do try them out if you have any opportunity.

Good luck!
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Thanks! Seeing that you have a pair of TF10's, what do you think about the vocals? Do you feel that they are recessed in comparison to the bass?
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