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FS: Sony MDR-R10 #996 (Bass Heavy) w/ price listed

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This sale is back on the table per the original seller's request.


Hey Guys,
I am selling a pair of Sony MDR-R10 which belong to a friend of mine.
The phones are SN#: 996, manufacture year: 1998, they are the Bass Heavy ones.

I will rate them as "good" in terms of cosmetic conditions (rate 7-8/10).
They come with the original briefcase, papers and everything.

I have uploaded pictures I have taken, they can be seen in Picasa:
Picasa Web Albums - TheFox - Sony MDR-R10 ...

The cans do have some slight cosmetic flaws, they are all can be seen in the pictures above.
Just in case someone misses them, I would like to mention the small cosmetic flaws to spare with any miss expectations:
1. One of the the pads has been detached from its holding ring, it is easily repairable, nothing serious.
2. There is a small dent on the cup's wood on one of the sides, can be barely seen from anything which is not very close.
3. Slight wearing on the housing and on one of the sides of the headband.

I prefer payment via Paypal(might accept other payment methods).
The cans will be shipped EMS to any country in the world+insurance.

Asking price is 5500$ including EMS worldwide shipping+insurance, OBO

My feedback on Head-Fi can be found here:

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is this the original cable?
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Originally Posted by NoPants View Post
is this the original cable?
Yes it is.

Originally Posted by SoapSeller View Post
PM answered.
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another PM
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All PM answered
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For those who are concerned about the Pads:
- They can either be fixed (Alex from ApureSound can make them like new).
- They can be replaced, AudioCubes2 stock new replacement pads for the R10 (I just checked with them).
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Email sent.
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Still for sale.
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what is the price?
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Lots of interest but still for Sale.

Originally Posted by pitou75 View Post
what is the price?
PM me if you are interested.
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pm sent
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You need to list a price, please.
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