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Not interested in the free gear so if i win please give it to someone else

but since you're asking the question

I'd strongly prefer musicality particularly PRaT with as much resolution/detail as possible without going over the edge to any sibilance

outside of that build quality is a very nice plus

on a separate note very cool that you guys are Cresyn - had some of their gear years ago and loved it
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Depending on what I am listening to, my thought of which type of headphone to reach for would differ. For movies, I like to have a little more of a low-end for those rumbles and action sequences. For music, I'll go with something a little more balanced, swaping out balance for something with a lot of low end punch if I desire some felling of the music or to have some fun with it.

Actually even though sound quality is certainly top ranking, second comes longevity; "will I be able to keep these for x number of years without breaking or anything?"
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Okay, I'll play along. A chance at free stuff can't hurt, right?

I see a lot of desire for comfort. This doesn't surprise me in the least. I understand the need for the headphones to just melt away. That's one of things I look for too. But I don't care too much about comfort. Ack, hypocrisy! Nah. I've just found that I can put up with any discomfort if I'm adequately distracted. Even Grados melt away on my ears. Or maybe especially.

What I look for in headphones is a connection to music. Not necessarily realistic, or hyper-detailed or transparent. If I wanted realistic I would blow all my money on speakers, neighbors be damned. If I wanted hyper-detailed I would already be rocking a K701/2 or HD800 on my head. Maybe not the HD800, since I'm poor, but you get the idea. I guess what I'm looking for is something musical, personal, exciting. I want a hole drilled in the floor where my tapping foot sits. I want pencil fragments to litter my desk from overzealous play-drumming. I want the pads on my ears to be soaked with sweat, tears, maybe a little blood if the phones have Grado pads (sorry for stealing your line FraGGler).

Coloration, then. I want a headphone colored to the moon and back. Nah, that's not right. Transparency, accuracy, realism, all of those are still important and play major roles in my enjoyment. So I'll steer clear from Bose, thanks. I want a touch of color, though, not total neutrality. Neutrality can work well, but I doubt I would enjoy it. I'm a fan of using a little extra saturation with my LCD monitors, even if the display is no longer accurate. I like my headphones the same way.

I need punch, too. I so want to try electrostatics, but I don't think I would like them. I want to feel the bass in my ear. Don't read that as me being a bass-head. I love SR60i bass, even if it's a little light. If I can still feel light bass, that's good bass. I want punch everywhere else too, in the midrange and highs. I want to feel the music as much as I hear it. I'm really not into any one specific frequency range, but if I had to choose I would choose the midrange. That's where most instruments rock, and what I think brings the biggest smile to my face when it's done right.

I like detail too. I don't necessarily need to hear the flea crawling across the flutist's forehead, but but I want to hear the growl of an electric guitar, the blare of a horn, with all the resonance that makes it sound right, like its right next to me. I don't want to feel the flutist's flea, but I do want to feel the trumpeter's saliva.

That's one reason why I'd pick headphones over speakers. That's part of the intimacy of headphones that I love. The warmth of two little drivers nestled against my cranium. The knowledge that unless your roommate cuddles up next to you awkwardly, he will not hear what I hear. It's a little show just for me.

But okay, this was supposed to a paragraph or two. I'm rambling. Back to the musicality. I think that's why I became so attached to my current Grados, and will hopefully become more so to my HF-2s. They've got punch, they've got a great forward midrange, they've got what everyone calls PRaT. PRaT's probably the biggest thing I'm looking for, because it gives the music an energy that can't be found short of a live performance. I'm looking forward to a tube amp for their warmth, something else that adds to musicality. I'm not upgrading to seek the flaws of my lossy or poorly mastered files. I'm upgrading to get closer to the music.

So, uh, in summary, PRaT, punch, and warmth?
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Im newer to the hi-fi scene. For years all I listened to was Bose triports. For christmas last year I received a pair of QC15's. I did not like them one bit because they made me dizzy. So I was looking for a pair of headphones in the same price range that I could replace them with. I stumbled on a pair of grado 325is. The phones were unbelievable and I fond myself going through all my old music an finding details I missed in recent years.
So now I can get into what I look for in a can.

1. Sound quality. I want to hear that bassline dig deep and put me on the floor. I want to be able to hear details that I never knew existed without having to really listen for it. I want them to be fun and fast.

2. Comfort. While I do love the grado sound, I am tired of switching back and forth between the jumbo pads all day long. I miss the way the bose triports felt on my head. The cushions were so nice I could fall asleep with them on.

3.Style. I dont want to wear a pair of headphones that my dad thinks are cool. I also need a pair of phones that I can listen to at work and be able to turn up the volume a little bit when I want to. I also want a pair that can fit in a smaller package. I had to make a custom box for my current cans and am tired of everyone asking me if i brought cupcakes in for everyone.

4. Cool Points Bonus. If I were chosen as a winner. I would definitely choose the MS 400 due to the fact I bleed Red and Black for the University of Georgia. These bad boys would look awesome with my jerseys at games I could make it to as well as my office which is covered in Red and Black.
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At the end of the day, the reason I use headphones is to enjoy music. Therefore the most important thing about headphones should be how enjoyable they make the music I listen to.

Why should it matter if you can hear the violinist in the third row cough or the soundstage is as wide as a bus? Why should it matter if your headphones are accurate/neutral? As long as I'm having a good time listening to music, none of these things should matter.

Of course, I never seem be able to follow my own advice
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For me, the most important part about headphones is to be able to listen to the music that the artist has produced. With that said, the headphones should not detract from the experience of listening to music by coloring the music in any specific way. However, they should provide a relatively flat response or reasonable response for the type of music that they are targeting. For instance, headphones that are specific to classical music should be good across all frequencies, as classical music is a very dynamic environment. However, each genre has their own specific boundaries. This is what I consider the most.
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Right off the bat I like headphones to be very comfortable, able to forget about them on my ears and just be able to enjoy the music.
The sound has to very musical. Not so much transparent. It is so hard to define transparency for everybody. Just want the music to be engaging. I want to get the feeling that Alison Krauss is singing to me for example.
I like the treble to be soft and detailed if that makes sense? Just easy on the ears. Nothing too sharp or grainy.
The mids are the most important. Like to hear the vocals not too forward where you can't really separate the instruments. Not too recessed where you lose focus of the song and soundstage seems unrealistically big.
The bass has to be there, fast and concise. Just keeping the beat is fine for me. Do not need subwoofers on my head.
Here are a few extra things that I prefer on headphones.
A user replaceable cable if possible or a real nice quality cable.
Ear cushion's that can be easily replaceable.
And a headphone that is easy to drive. Don't want to worry if I'm using an Ipod that I will need an amp.
Just a few thoughts that came to mind.
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What's most important to someone like me is a headphone that is diverse. I see so many reviews stating, "Well, this hp is good for this type of music." However, my tastes are very eclectic; I want headphones that are at least competent for all types of music. I also crave build quality. I'm not merely talking about durability; I also appreciate aesthetics.
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What I think is important for a headphone:

- Sound quality: for sure this is the most important. What exactly do I look for? Well, I wouldn't consider myself a very detailed listener. So, I'd say I go for a more engaging sound. I like my lows to be punchy and smooth (not sure if that's a contradiction), mids to be engaging and not recessed, and highs to be detailed but not piercing. I know that's a really vague description that can mean different things for different people, but that's the best way I can explain it.

- Visual appearance: I know this shouldn't really matter, but it's personally pretty important. A dull appearance really turns me off. Over-the-top appearances also turn me off. I like headphones that are fairly simple, but maybe have a edgy side to them. If I don't like the appearance of the headphone, I probably wouldn't make the initial purchase. If I already own the headphone, I think I would definitely give it head time as long as I liked the sound.

- Price: As a college student, I have other things that I would like to spend my money on. I'm sure it depends on what age group the manufacturer is trying to target, but price is a pretty important factor. The price can be very psychological too in my opinion. If you price a headphone too cheap, it will get praises for being 'great for the price' but it won't have the same reputation as a more expensive headphone. I do personally look at the price when buying headphones. I might skip out on cheaper headphones even if they get praise. I'll definitely skip out on very expensive headphones since I just don't have the funds for it. I'm not sure where I'm going with this whole price bit, but it is important to me when purchasing headphones.

- Versatility: I tend to use my headphones more if they're more versatile. If I can use them at home and on the go, I'm more likely to keep the headphone. I've sold a couple headphones in the past because they weren't very versatile. For example, some open headphones would definitely be bad for on the go/in public use as well as headphones with a not-so-portable cable. Also uncomfortable headphones would not be very ideal for home use. I guess the visual appearance of the headphone also matters for on the go usage. If some headphones were overly funky, I would hesitate to wear them. Yes, some people actually think about how they look when they go out.

- Comfort: I'm pretty tolerant about headphone comfort. Most of my headphones give me some type of discomfort after a while. I think comfort is very important for some people, but for me it's not as big of a deal. It's more of a plus personally. I'm fine taking off the headphones every now and then.

It feels like I'm just rambling. Oh well.
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I need more information on your headphones, any reviews you could post< never heard of Phiton, was it.
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When i listen to headphones the first thing i look for is if the sound is true to the instrument its replicating. I think this is the uttermost importance. a guitar strum should should sound like a real guitar strum, a bass kick should should sound like a real bass kick etc

Another thing i look for is comfort. i think if the headphone is comfortable it allows me to really sit back and enjoy the music. If the headphone feels uncomfortable i have to constantly adjust the headband and it really ruins the experience

availability is something i hold quite dear. there are so many times i have to sadly pass on a very nice pair of headphones just because they are too expensive over the boarder here in canada, or just plain unavailable to canadians.

lastly, if it is a portable pair of cans, and i will be using them outside. looks is quite important. but if it is a home pair, it could look as ugly as sin, as long as it sounds good and is very comfortable i would be a happy camper.

contest aside this is quite an interesting thread
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What matters to me in headphones:

1) Balanced sound
2) Style
3) Build quality
4) Durablity
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wowsers I am a nut for pure sound, but I have learned something about myself lately re: headphones.
Comfort is sooo high on my criteria, that I will choose my ultimate headphone from a select few that are pure and simply comfortable.

I know this to be true because night after night I am sitting down for hours of listening through a crap sounding, comfortable, set of phones, when I have two other sets of phones that sound superb.

This has driven me to budget, and now purchase a top of the line set of headphones so I can have sound quality as well as comfort..
and I am selecting which headphones will get my money based on how comfortable they will be. (as I said I am selecting from a choice few that have the sound qualities I desire.. and so long as the sound quality is there, I will check which ones are comfy, and presto - these will be my new headphones)

my personal piece of this story goes like this:
I purchased some (fake) sony mdr-v900hd, really comfortable headphones.
So damn comfortable that my $40 dollar purchase is about to become a $400 dollar purchase (or somewhere in that ballpark, and likely for second hand phones).. cause I know good sound quality, yet I also know that when my headphones are comfortable, you won't find me taking them off...

So comfort, get this right, and your top sounding cans will be purchased by people who spend lots of time listening..
and if you got a nice attractive branding on headphones worn by people contentedly listening to music, well that is advertising unto itself...
people who listen sell what they are listening to to the people who want to listen.
or some such malarky..
and kudos to anyone reading this thread outside of Phiaton.. I bet you are under a comfortable set of cans whilst doing so!
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What I look for

I look for a full range of sound. Way too many people just judge the quality of speakers/headphones/earbuds etc simply by the amount of Bass. I do like bass, but I want a full range of sound. Right now I use Kipslich Image S4's and love them.
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As I imagine is the case for every member of this forum, the most important aspect of a set of headphones is the sound it produces. Personally I don't look for complete neutrality or accuracy when it comes to headphones; I prefer each set to have a definite personality and a different way of presenting my music. The way I look at headphones is that every new set I get multiplies my music collection by one; gives a fresh sound, brings different elements to the foreground and allows a fresh emotion to take hold. So I'm not searching for a perfect set of phones - I am looking for as many options as I can find that do something special for my music and that will suit every mood.

Naturally comfort is important. A relationship to a set of phones can only really develop with a long listening session whereby you forget you are wearing them at all and it becomes entirely about the music. Headphone listening is an intimate a personal experience and different types of phones become linked to my daily life. The sweaty, cramped and noisy conditions of the London Underground fade into the background and then disappear entirely with a good set of IEMs, while I can remove myself from the crowds of the city centre with a comfortable pair of closed cans. Back at home, I can sink into my armchair after a long day at work, and allow open circum aural phones to immerse me with in a sonic landscape into which I can escape and unravel. A well designed, comfortable and ergonomic design you forget you are wearing them and it is all about the music, while with an uncomfortable bad design you are aware of the phones and they remain an obstacle between you and the experience.

Style is a funny one. While I would happily take a set of phones that I thought looked awful and sounded great over the opposite, I do find aesthetics very important and believe a set of phones can only be truly great if it looks as good as it sounds and feels. For me, the "space age" design of many headphones can be a bit of a turn off. There is an inherent absurdity present in the fact that the second we reached the 21st century designers felt compelled to mimic our own ideas of what the 21st century would look like presented by science fiction films of the seventies and eighties. Some creative types back then wondered "what might the future look like" and decided everything would be plastic and shiny covered in silver spray paint. Then when the "21st century" (which we had been told by comics and films for decades was "the future") arrived everyone decided it was time to conform to that imaginary style which was always only fictional. If only those creative types had decided that in the future we might use metal, wood and fabric instead the world might look different; it might look a lot better. This is not to say I have anything against plastic, a simple black plastic enclosure for a hi-fi separate is a classic design, but I do appreciate phones that use other more traditional materials and have more of a mechanical than futuristic appearance.

The bottom line is the music. If a set of cans presents the music in such a way that the emotion comes through and the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, I can excuse them being uncomfortable at times, or excuse cheap looking design choices (yes Grado, I am looking at you). If a manufacturer can produce a sound that is uniquely theirs and presents something to their owner no other phones can do, then they are welcome to take my money off me and I am happy to give it to them. Music is worth it.
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