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Well, having finally bitten the bullet and bought some L3000's (gulp), my strick one-in, one-out policy forces this special pair of headphones on the block.

These started like as special all-black "Manufacture" customized Beyerdynamic DT770 (2005 consumer ed), in 32 ohm. They were then sent to Headphile, where they got Rosewood woodied, and a 2.0M BlackMax recable, and genuine leather Beyer Earpads.

Since these are *NOT* based on the DT770 Pro 80, they have much less bass than the typical Darth Beyer. Still lots of bass, but not at the expense of the rest of the spectrum.

Priced for very quick sale at $350 shipped ConUS - this is far less than just the original Manufacture customized pair cost, let alond the woody/recable, and only $50 more than you can get stock DT770/32's on EBay for - and you get a much nicer and better sounding headphone, plus a one of a kind aesthetically: