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Decent computer speakers ~$20

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I've been here long enough to know that some people think it's a crime to spend less than $200 on a piece of audio equipment. I've never heard anything remotely that expensive (except the Bose/Dr. Dre/Skullcandies on display at Best Buy...), so I remain blissfully unaware of what I'm missing (however worth it), in order to defend my limited wallet.

Does anyone have some recommendations for a good set of stereo speakers for $20-$30? I know that the JBL series of speakers get excellent reviews, especially the JBL Duets, but I'm not sure how much to trust Amazon in that regard. I am currently using a free quasi-stereo/USB hub speaker, which isn't really worth anything SQ wise.
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IMO, there is no such thing as a decent speaker for $20
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from looking around endlessly before purchasing my desktop monitors, i realized that the threshold for decent desktop speakers is about a hundred bucks.
everything i've ever heard below that price seemed to suffer from the same problems: hollow plastic sound, bass uncoupled from other sounds, fizzy highs, boomy mids.
problem is, to get decent sound, you need at least an engineered MDF cabinet. preferrably a wood cabinet. there are scant speakers of that design below a hundred bucks.
and for sure, at 20 to 30 bucks, you'll most likely get plastic.
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I'll take whatever there is. I just don't have the $100 to spend on speakers, and I know that practically anything would be a step up from what I have.
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Sell some stuff and build yourself a nice DIY speakers. That the best solution money wise.

Something dirt cheap like that
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Go and check local pawn shops and second hand shops.
I think most would suggest you saving a bit more cash though.
Do you have any old component systems aorudn like an old receiver and pair of speakers? If you did then you could hook up those until you get something better.
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Well, I think I have an answer...
Months ago, I've been looking for some cheap parts for diy project, and stumbled on lots of used speakers n craigslist. I've found some really good altec lansings for about $20. The model you should get is their older acs series- checkout and find the acs91 or acs43. I have both and believe it or not, they are awesome- at 15-20$ u can't go wrong. Creative t10 (used) will be a little more- but should be around $30 if you can find some. Ensure you test them b4 buying- blown drivers and amps are very possible in the used stuff!
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I have very positive experience with the philips MMS321 which will cost you
around $50.
On ebay you may find used Harman Kardon soundsticks which are pretty common.
And avoid low price 2.1 system.
That's the best advice I can give you.
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At one time you could get the Boston MM220s for about $25, but it looks like they are more expensive now.
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