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CtechKid... that would be nice if you could pass by at the SSI show with your Rs1i where a bunch of headfier will be gatherered
I'll bring my HF2... I'm curious to hear how they stack up against the rs1
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Originally Posted by CTechKid View Post
I'm more than satisfied, and anyways - who looks at their headphones while wearing them ..... where as you have to look at those breasts ..... well you get the idea.
If you are wearing all four at once, mirrors are required.

Anyway, glad you love your headphones!
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Far out, I would have taken the discount without hesitation!
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Good deal CTKid!
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Never mind.

Good for you.
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Originally Posted by aimlink View Post
Great. A $200 discount for that blemish is a great settlement! I'd have accepted it myself.
I would have prayed for more blemishes. Yikes. Makes the whole HF-2 B-stock sale look like a rip-off.

Congratulations on that awesome discount!
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I feel you man,i went throught three pairs of GS-1000,and the other two pair my dealer ordered for me were worst than the first one,so guess wich one i ended up keeping
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So that's how you get discounts on Grados. They're always sold at MSRP. Negotiate down based on blemishes, and there's always going to be blemishes on every pair cause they're Grados after all.

I personally cut Grado some slack on the cosmetic issues. They choose the wood for porosity and sonic attributes, not on how well it can be finished and varnished and lacquered to the point that it looks like high end furniture but no longer sounds like the wood they want it to sound like.

Similar with the metal cups. They choose the metal for porosity and sonic reasons and not for how well it can be buffed and made to look like jewelry. Cutting tools (milling machines) are going to leave marks on the metal. You can try to buff those out and/or do other surface treatments. But at some point those surface treatments are going to affect the surface porosity that Grado seems to want to maintain. There are other metal working and forming methods that could lead to a better cosmetic look. For example casting can look very good but the metal structure is going to be very different and that may not suite Grado for sonic purposes.
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It makes me a little sad inside that they didn't spot the problem at the factory and either re-do the cup or set them aside to be sold at a discount.
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I also used to restore antique furniture for a living...that was my last woodworking job. This blemish can be treated. In the pic it looks like part of it isn't stained (light spot). If it also isn't laquered, you can simply rub some matched stain in it to blend it in. If there is laquer over it you would need to sand it off first which would be difficult in that location while the headphones are together. Once stained you could brush a little canned laquer on it. Brush on a tiny bit at a time and it will smooth out on it's own. I wouldn't worry about the black spot. That looks more like part of the wood than the unfinished spot.
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remember that laquer dries in seconds to minutes. If you could take them apart and tape off what you can't with blue tape you could spray the cups over, the new coat would melt into the old and flow to a perfect finish. light sanding with 320 grit going with grain of course.
Hope that helps.
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thebasso and I used to work in the same furniture restoration shop. Personally, I wouldn't bother taking the headphones apart for that tiny spot, but thebasso is a finish perfectionist and would disagree.
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He's right. I am a perfectionist. May you should just send them back for another pair?
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I have OCD, yes, but Those Grados are hand made. The entire company has like 17 people working between phones and carts, I think.

Considering this, and that they attained the status they have while working in this way, man cut them some slack. Call them up, Gradio, being a "small" company, maybe not to us, but yes, small, and family owned, they are going to go out of their way to make you happy with where you sent your money.

EDIT: seems like you did, and they did... so... there you go.
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Glad everything worked out and, in my experiences with Grado: GS1000, RS-1, HF-1, HF-2, SR60...they've stood behind their products and if you tell them about a problem, they do address it in the most reasonable and customer friendly fashion...oh, and the sound....quite unique and addictive...can you say PRAT!!!

Grado Rocks!
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