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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
Yes, without BBE, it is quite one of the worst players I've used. BBE does help a lot! I am actually not that into the IE8, but the S9's EQ is quite good. I wish, however, it had a quality output without all the help. But then, that is pretty personal problem too. Cheers.
I do have to admit that the first time I plugged my headphones in, I said to myself :"hell ! did I spend that much money for that crappy flattish, coldish and boring SQ ?"

And I kind of agree with you that it's quite regrettable to have to fiddle around with all the settings to get somewhere, but at least it's highly customizable.
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I have asked ES for the freq graph of the em3pro's to make a point in my review, lets see if they release it...

Regarding the source sensitivity of EarSonics, I can say that the SM2dlx were not so source dependent although they improved with amplification, now, the EM3pro's behave a bit differently, they really shine with amplification, both the iqube and rx do an incredible job, using them with my c3g tube amp they are magical. Unlike the JH13pro's that do really good out of an ipod, the EM3pro's out of an ipod are impressive, no doubt, but only when you plug a good amp you realize what this customs can do
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They probably won't give it.

The EM3 Pro needs a clean and powerfull source.

Concerning SM3, it is much more in the UM3x alley, not looking for V american sound.
- Very precise and defined high and mids
- A warm and rich low medium and bass
- A large soundstage

Like an achieved UM3x, with the so sensual earsonics harmonics.
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Sad that they aren't goint to share their frequency graph
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But FR graphs are really source/amp dependent anyway. Driven well, they may stand up to the graphs, but driven poorly and they make look 5dB different in certain parts. I think it should be pretty good to have a general idea of how an iem performs, but not a specific model to parade around simply because dependent on the final output stage, the performance can trip up quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by Zeo View Post
Is that a joke or a complete lack of education on history and innovation of hifi ?
(Germany probably for history, agree on this)
Neither, but you are wrong.

Originally Posted by sk3383 View Post
I DO NOT believe he was trying to say that these countires are the best, or provide the best innovation. I believe his statement is based on just headphone manufacturers, not audio equipment in general. I believe he is correct in his statement.

When I think of headphones, the most popular choices I can think of are:

Beyerdynamic: German
Sennheiser: German
Grado: USA
Denon: Japan/USA
Audio Technica: Japan
This is right. Outside of the countries I listed, there are very very few companies who make big marketing pushes into headphone hifi. My statement had nothing to do with innovation or dedication, simply with market presence, and even that is pretty eschewed to 2 countries rather than three.

It would be very very good for other companies/countries to start pushing their products, but at the same time, very hard. Financially, they have to stand up against brands which are entrenched in people's minds and wallets.

I don't believe that the bit companies are any less passionate/dedicated. I believe that certain products speak better about certain companies than do others, but no one has a monopoly on audio sense: whether it is a large or small company, this axiom is the truth.

EarSonics rock - that is for sure and I am glad they keep things at their own pace rather than rush to capture the market ahead of/to keep up with others - that only makes products like the AMP3 which... let's not get into that. I think this year will be exciting: SM3, x-Jays, UE18Pro, balanced portable amps/sources, portable iPod DAC's and more...
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I have the freq graph!!!
Franck Lopez sent it yesterday, now Im waiting for the pico slim to complete the review,
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And I'll be waiting for my EM3-pro and the Slim.
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A kind of magic !
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@GuyDebord, thanks for the graph!
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WOW. I asked Franck Lopez to build my EM3-pro with recess pins and he said it was no problem!!!

Earsonics' CS is unbelievable! (I don't recall JH agree to do this...)
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Franck is a true passionate. The ony things he wouldn't accept is an unsatisfied customer.

Customisation is also more limitated thanJH becauseFranck don't want to use materialsthat could modify the sound result.

Btw,I suppose no one knows the local Earsonic competitor:insono?
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Well, their offerings do not "look" as good, plus the site is in French 100%.
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No, you just have to click the other flag to get to English.
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Originally Posted by ilney View Post
Well, their offerings do not "look" as good, plus the site is in French 100%.
I agree, the Insono products look sub-par, of course looks can be deceiving but looks like this is hardly the case....

btw, the british flag works....
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