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Withdrawn FS Samsung YP-R1J Mini P3

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HI I have a brand new Samsung yp-r1 for sale , just got it yesterday (thanks sooz ! x and I just opened it to check operation. The R1 is basically a mini , more responsive p3 , the unit is 16 gigs . It has an aluminum shell and glass front and is built like a tank, and it has a big crystal clear screen despite its size . Also plays divx natively. Just loads of codec support and features.

I'll link product page and some reviews , and pics .

I'm asking a 140.00 dollars shipped via USPS priority. A really nice unit i just have my eyez on the sony pcm m10 and need the cash

product page :

Portability or compatibility? R1 (16GB) - MP3 Players - MP3 Players | SAMSUNG


Samsung YP-R1 8GB Review - MP3 Reviews - TrustedReviews

Samsung YP-R1 16GB PMP • Register Hardware


Sucky pics sorry

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Okay 120.00 shipped, one more day before ebay CONUS only international extra
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Bump , any interest ? really nice little dap
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sending it back to UK.
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