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Dave Brubeck, Blue Ronda a la Turk at 1m52s
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"Echoes" - Pink Floyd
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Cantara by Dead Can Dance
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Reckoner - Radiohead
Gong - Sigur Ros
In My Life - The Beatles
Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith
White Riot - The Clash
Dig Me Out - Sleater-Kinney
In the Backseat - Arcade Fire
Race for the Price - The Flaming Lips
Bone Machine - Pixies
Born Under Punches - Talking Heads
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle - The Smiths
Singapore - Tom Waits
Until My Heart Caves In - Audio Adrenaline
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Wow, I'm surprised how relevant this thread has become. Anyone want to get touchy and throw out some songs they have/do cry to (sentimental value counts too)?

Have to these in the past, for various reasons, but Fix You is the only one that did just because it sounds so **** good...

Hate Me- Blue October
Fix You- Coldplay (again)
Desperado - The Eagles
Drift Away- Dobie Gray (the Uncle Kraker version is pretty good too)
After All These Years- Journey
Faithfully- Journey

Haha, those are almost all reapeats of my first list, but hey, Music is my life. From feel good to the "oh my god" and all the way back to casual listening, it stays in my mind all day, and in my heart forever.

i gotta stop listening to ballads....
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Carl Orff's O Fortuna
Tiesto's Adagio for Strings
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Forbidden Paradise- DJ Tiesto
Feel the Beat- Darude
Paradise on E- Bounc3
I'm your Basscreator- Basshunter
Welcome to Rainbow- Basshunter
and others..........but you get the picture
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Hideaway, by the Olivia Tremor Control. Actually, all of "Black Foliage" has been working its way under my skin for the past couple of weeks.

So long Seku, goodbye Wren.
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wooo. not sure if songs give me goosebumps or not, but they definitely give me some sort of emotional "high"

glad to see: Journey - Faithfully

one to add from myself: Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven (Live, from Unplugged)
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The Lake - Antony and the Johnsons
Danny Boy - Jacintha
Ballad of the Runaway Horse - Jennifer Warnes
My Funny Valentine - Rickie Lee Jones
El Cant de la Sibil-La - Montserrat Figueras (Jordi Savall)
Ainda - Madredeus (Teresa Salgueiro)
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Originally Posted by cheemo View Post
"Roads" - Portishead
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Originally Posted by baka1969 View Post
"Echoes" - Pink Floyd
Originally Posted by virometal View Post
Cantara by Dead Can Dance
and then some...great thread idea btw
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Boduf Songs - Lost in Forests

This thread is going to be epic
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songs that I've listened to,when I start listening again
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"Blue Sky"- The Allman Bros. Band
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