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You can use it without modification just keep it mind crack with speedball ia not designed to handle the voltage of e80cc. It runs at a much higher gain and voltage. I have been using e80cc on an unmodified crack with speedball for 2 months with no problem. Then 2 weeks ago the speedball transistor finally gave up and burnt. So something to keep in mind. If you want to use this long term follow the resistor replacement guide in the bottlehead forum


Interesting not heard of that before.


Thinking about it I must have had at least 1500 hours running the e80cc before I did the resistor mod this would also including letting the amp run 24/7 for a week or so on several occasions whilst evaluating different capacitors.


The resistor mod is a no brainer imo it most probably costs about the same as a cup of coffee to implement and when done allows easy switching between 12au7 and e80cc optimum voltages.

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For me i used it for along tine too before it burnt. Think it like overclocking. Most ofnthe time its fine but since you are running the circuit above its designed voltage something can go wrong. BTW only transistor for one channel got burnt in my case.
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