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Originally Posted by Mich4lle View Post

That joke didn't work nearly as well as I thought it would. :-P




It works perfectly, it has been up and running for about two weeks and it is great.




The only thing is that it buzzes slightly when playing battlefield. (It is plugged into my Asus essence STX sound card in my PC and is silent in all other applications.)


its best or you should really be playing games like bf with the headphones plugged directly into the soundcard so you have good stereo positioning ...... so sounds around you are not confusing at where there are coming from  

thats what I find anyway

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saying that..... I thought the new bf4 game had horrible stereo positioning with my headphones and sound card .... or it could be my zxr sound card, :)  

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Originally Posted by ohcrapgorillas View Post

Welp, just placed my order for the Crack with speedball upgrade, for powering the HD650... and the wait begins! What I really wanted was the SEX, but unfortunately can't justify the extra expense. I didn't even mean to order the speedball at the time, that just kinda...happened. Hah.


I'm curious if anyone has had any experience with listening to low-impedance cans using the Crack and an impedance adapter? I know the Etymotic ER4P has an impedance adapter that can "turn it into" the ER4S. I'm curious if using an impedance adapter with other headphones would make them more suitable, like Grados or even single-driver IEMs. Just a thought.


As I understand it - an impedance adapter basically takes you in just the opposite direction from the standpoint of impedance matching.  It effectively increases the output impedance of the amp, rather than effectively increasing the impedance of the headphones - while eating some noise en route.  This is why people who are looking to emulate the sennheiser ss amp's ~40ohm output (which, enhances midbass on hd800's based on its impedance curve), will add impedance adapters to their 0 ohm output amps (like GS1's, dynalo's, etc) to raise the amp's effective output impedance and create the same resulting FR as the Senn amps.  (Google up hd800 and IEC 120 ohm standard for more on this.)


I used to use a small (~30ohm) impedance adapter with my westone 4's, when plugged into my note 2, so the phone's hiss wouldn't drive me bonkers, but it did change the sound of the headphones, and not for the better IMO.  Of course, this is greatly complicated by the fact that westones are multi-driver iem's while etymotics only use a single "full range" ba driver.  Never totally understood why etymotic claims that er4's (or 4p's + adapter) have more accurate FR than the ordinary 4p.  Maybe all they are really saying is that this particular driver best matches their target FR curve when amped via 75 ohm ouput impedance?  

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