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If anyone wanted to get the Crack + Speedball, now would be a good time with the $299 sale for both. 



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Well I have lost count of how many times my finger has hovered over the buy it now button for the 12au7 to 6sn7 adapter but I finally bit the bullet and headed down the 6ns7 rabbit hole!


Its so far so good with my first purchase, a early NOS National Union 6ns7gt black glass and it is proving to be real Cracker! Pleased to report no adapter noise issues either as some have experianced.


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I used 6/12SN7 for my CRACK made my own adapter................ 

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Finally got a chance to upgrade my volume pot to a stepped attenuator from ebay. So far I'm really happy with it. balance is perfect at any volume and much detailed and cleaner sound even on lower volume which with the stock volume control I need to crank the volume a 


bit more to hear the same details. Then again it might just be in my head :) overall quite happy with the upgrade

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I keep meaning to install an attenuator. Can you post the ebay address.

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