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As several people have already stated, make sure you jump the ground terminals - I have first hand experience with forgetting this little step, and I'll just say that the results can be quite shocking!

Yea I jumped the terminals :D Btw the PCB I have on my valab pot the R and L channels are wrong. R=L and L=R. Somebody made a mistake building the pot or just the plate is wrong. But that is not a big deal and the crack sounds wonderful :) Received my CBS 5814A tube too. Happy days :beerchug:

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Crack ordered. Mod parts starting to arrive. Anticipation growing....
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^^ did you get custom caps?

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Have ordered the following
Obbligato gold 94 uF
Teflon 10uF
Jupiter Beeswax 1uF
Solen 220uF
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Seeing some of the finishes on these amps has really got me wanting to build another one, but this time anticipating the oversights and after-thoughts from the first time around. I really like the look of the hammered paint that everyone's using :cool: 

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