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Originally Posted by mullardpassion View Post

AudioQuest DragonFly is an excellent DAC IMO..much better than the Fiio dacs.

On another note, what power tubes ae you using?? Anyone has had a listen with the 6080wb by Bendix?


The Bendix 6080WBs are well regarded in general, but I believe there might be a number of different versions with different plates inside the tube. I'm currently using the GEC curved brown base 6AS7G, but also really like my Mullard 6080WA and GE 6AS7


The DragonFly is very good, but has a slightly compressed soundstage compared to some other DACs I've tried. For it's size and crazy simplicity though it's very hard to beat.

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Yes, does the different Bendix versions sound the same? I'm curious to try one out, though I'm not paying +$60 for each. Few years back they were max $40...

I have used a couple of 6AS7Gs before, and currently using the TS 5998...GECs are waay too much for me to afford :o

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Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus sounds better for me than Bifrost Uber (I used Bifrost for couple of months) with S.E.X. driving HD800 and it's now on sale for just $499 till end of this year
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re GEC They are often listed in Europe as A1834 or CV2523 rather than 6AS7Gs.


I managed to sniped this pair :evil:used but tested as strong, straight brown bases one marked GEC one Osram  for $110 delivered.


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Originally Posted by grrraymond View Post

Well, I'm absolutely delighted with my Crack.


It arrived a couple of weeks ago to the UK and after a fairly tricky build (no experience, bit of a fat-handed oaf, impatient, tired - classic combo) and some very patient help from Doc and PB over on the forum, my HD650s are absolutely singing! I've been listening to a bit of Aja and Random Access Memories and the drums and bass are - pardon my French - ******* astonishing. Classical (which I never thought was a particular forte of the HD650s) has been making me well up, the way the strings swell and fade...shudder. Best of all, though, and quite surprisingly, is electronic music. I've listened to Daft Punk's Homework more times over the last 15 years than I've made pasta and Thomas Bangalter's description of 'orgasmic analogue noise' has never seemed so true. I've never heard or felt so much physicality or 3D movement to those squelching loops, nor so much precision and punch to the 909s. I think I'm starting to understand the tube fetish. The only downside is that I have to come to work and wait another nine hours until I can plug myself back in. Fortunately, the missus is out all night so I can queue up a bourbon and get deaf.


Orgasmic analogue noise! I am looking forward to having a taste of that myself but I ll have mine with a scotch.


It sounds like a great match.

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I switched to Scotch myself. Nothing quite like Glenfarclas to go with a bit of Bill Evans.
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I thought Bill Evans went with heroin.

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Originally Posted by Doc B. View Post

I thought Bill Evans went with heroin.


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Originally Posted by Doc B. View Post

I thought Bill Evans went with heroin.


It always comes back there somehow, doesn't it Doc? ;)

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Originally Posted by Loquah View Post


Not to discredit the last poster (we all perceive things differently), my experience is that the DAC ABSOLUTELY will make a difference.


The E7 is a nice unit, but it's an entry-level device.


The step from a decent DAC (like the E7) won't be massive like the step from a PC headphone jack to a dedicated DAC, but it is noticeable if the other parts of the chain are good (and Crack + HD650 = good :D).


My first step was an Audio-gd DAC which has been brilliant and outperformed everything lower-level DAC I tried (AudioQuest DragonFly, Soundblaster X-Fi, AK100, etc.) What it did for my sound was provide a larger stage and better clarity and resolution. It wasn't a night and day leap like going from onboard to external DAC, but it was definitely noticeable and obvious.


The step up from the Audio-gd to the Matrix X-Sabre was also obvious and is showing it's potential as I continue to upgrade the amps I use with it. (The Bottlehead S.E.X. is currently blowing my mind having just finished installing the C4S upgrade)


I'm sorry, but could you please point out where I said that a DAC will not make a difference?


Not what I said at all. Please don't put words in my mouth. I get enough of that crap from my ex wife.

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Fair point. I didn't intend to put words in your mouth and was going more on the theme of the conversation rather than what you specifically said. I was also picking up on olegausany's comments.

No offense or words in mouth intended.
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Just my 0.02 fiio e7 are on the same level as ibasso d zero DAC wise. Compared to schiit modi the difference are huge they are in totally different level. Fiio e7 is a decent DAC amp combo but it DAC side is just an entry level DAC. A muse DAC from eBay for $30 has a similar performance with fiio e7 on the DAC front.

I can't say with for other but for me yes for sure crack will sound better if fed a DAC better than e7. Modi is $30 more expensive than e7 so for the price it's well worth the upgrade
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I was sat gazing fondly at my newly fitted out top plate and then started wondering, I'm not sure if this will be ok but what do you guys think about mounting the 12au7 socket from underneath rather than from the top it gets that retaining ring out of sight and the socket slightly lower giving a flusher look. Can anyone think of any issues with doing this?



Its still firmly secured and the tube fits in and out without any problems.



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I did mine underneath with zero issues :)

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same here that's how I mount the tube and got no problem
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