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Sold a pair of Denons to harvinstein

Paid instantly, very smooth deal!
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Sold harvinstein a set of Yuin PK3s. He paid immediately and had great communication. Would definitely do business with again.
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Sold a pair of hfi-780's to him. Paid immediately. Would do business with again.
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Sold some D2000's to harvinstein.  paid instantly, no nonsense.  good buyer

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I sold a couple interconnects and a Grado extension cable to Harvinstein. It was fantastic transaction which went very smoothly and I would be glad to do business with him again. :)

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I traded my GTX 260 for Jeremy's ES7 + some cash.


The transaction went perfectly! Communication was excellent and payment was instant.


Thanks for the great trade!

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Bought a pair of HFI-780 from him....


Transaction was smooth and excellent....


Great person to deal with...


Thanks for the great deal...

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Sold audio-gd Fun to harvinstein.  Prompt payment and communication.  A pleasure to deal with. 

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Purchased a combo of Q40s and SR60s from harvinstein. 


Shipped right away and had excellent communication throughout the whole process.


Would not hesitate to deal with him again.

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Sold him a set of ICs, great transaction. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.

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Bought a set of CAL! (Creative Aurvana Live!) headphones from harvinstein, and the phones looked better then the picture posted in his FS thread so I´m super happy about this deal. Fast replies on PM and shipped package in my favor (international + isolated and protected)! Will do business again if the chance should show itself. :) 


Thanks again!

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Bought his Denon D2000. great guy to buy things from. Quick shipping. 

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Jeremy sold me his PK3. Fast to ship and packed extremely well. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks man.

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Sold IEMs to Harvinstein, smooth and quick transaction, thank you!

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Bought his AKG K240 MKII's. Shipping was incredibly fast, as was packaging. Highly recommended! Thanks a lot!

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