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IE7- next step full size?

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Ok, I have the IE7 iems, a Mini^3 amp
a iPhone 3GS, a philips blu- Ray ( co-ax digital out)
and other cd transports.

I'd like to start a home set up.
Initially starting with the 3GS and mini3, and then possibly going to an ibasso d4 with the bluray, then building something ( Tubey?)

I like all music, and I like the neutral signitures of the iPhone and IE7.

I'm looking for full size headphone, that will last me a long way on the journey through head fi....

Senn HD595 catch my eye, and would be within budget.
How high do I have to go, to better the IE7's ?

How high up the food chain do I go?

Advise appreciated....
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You probably won't need an amp for the HD595 especially if you get the 50 ohm version.

There are some not so expensive desktop dac/amp combos (just search for their threads) which you can pair with an HD600 or 650, if you really like the sennheiser house sound

Good luck
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What is the nearest comparison (i appreciate that equivelent is the wrong term) to the IE7 in the Sennheiser full sized headphone range?

I'm after a a pair of full size phones which sound at least as good as the IE7's. and i like the Sennheiser range.

Any thoughts?

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I have HD650s and just got the IE8s. While not exactly answering the question you are asking, I would assume that the relationship the IE8s have to the 650s would be similar with the IE7s. I find the IE8s have a slightly bigger soundstage and less right, left, and center effect ('3 blobs' as some have called it) than the 650s, but the 650s have more/better bass, and an even warmer/richer sound overall- more laid back and with less treble brightness, IMO. My understanding is that the HD600s are more neutral sounding than the 650s, and may be closer in sound to the Senns. IEMs. I'm not sure then that the 595s would be a 'step up' as you put it from your IE7s, but the 650s would definitely be a noticeable one, and are scaleable (amps and recabling) as you build your system out. More expensive in the short term, but likely less expensive long term.
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If you like the neutral sound of the IE7s and are looking for full-sized headphones, I recommend the HD595 if you want an open, dynamic sound with a great soundstage, or the HD380 pro if you are looking for a closed headphone for great isolation and detail.
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