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Where to Download FLAC or WAV albums?

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Hey what's up

Are there any good places to purchase FLAC or WAV albums/tracks?

I mainly use beatport but I'm looking for a place similar to them that offers mainstream music titles as well. Are there other good places out there?

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Similar thread from just 2 (two) days ago...
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AHH, cool thanks!!
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The thread posted is nice.

While HD tracks is nice, so is buying the actual CD, and just ripping it to FLAC, or Apple Lossless if your on a mac.
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Probably cheaper for me to just buy the CD in the first place, considering how much I pay for my internet monthly.
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Like a lot of people say, just get a cd used for cheap, and then rip to whatever format you wish.

Lets say if you pay a dollar for each track over the net, and the album has 11 tracks, you'll more than likely be able to buy that album used for the same price/cheaper and then rip it to your computer as many times as you want.

I find buying songs over the internet useful if I'm only after a number of good songs on that album, rather than it as a whole.
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I know its hard to find the CDs sometimes, and if buying from overseas the shipping is very expensive.
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If you are ever looking for new music to listen to, i find bandcamp.com great for discovering new artists. They offer FLAC, ALAC, and various lossy formats for all their music usually for a few dollars or free/paywhatyouwant.
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Try this:
Download flac albums - Rapidshare files

It is a rapid share file search service
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And also 100% pure, unadulterated piracy. Rapidshare can be pretty bad that way. Not to mention that FLAC is pretty big, and that the album would likely be split up into 5-10 separate archives/archive segments. Combine that with Rapidshare's fifteen-minutes-between-files policy (for free users), and you're looking at several hours of download time.
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Originally Posted by rjohn View Post



There are, some sites available..







What did I just say?

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At eTree you'll find all sorts of free legal downloads.  It's where I get all my Grateful Dead matrixes and soundboards, some of them being in 24-bit, and if you check it out, I think you'll be really surprised at how broad the offerings are there.  It's a fantastic site that every music fan should know.


Also http://dead.net sells most Grateful Dead commercial recordings as CDs, as FLACs, and even as 180 gram vinyl.

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there are zillions of CDs you can buy on amazon for like $0.99 + 2.99 shipping, much cheaper than buying FLAC album

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Maybe $$$ isn't one of the driving factors for the OP.

Just a thought.
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