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Originally Posted by iPhone4G View Post
Shure SE530 PTH

Westone 3 LE

earsonics SM3

custom headset..? (what brand should i buy for the best result) ..

please choose what headset should I buy among those headset..
Westone 3 LE is a bit of a waste of extra money in my opinion. They are a prestige product i.e. the exist because some people are willing to pay more for something just because it costs more.

You'd do just as well to get the original Westone 3s.


On a separate note, good to see the Westone UM3x getting a bit more (much deserved) love on this thread recently.
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OK, I now have the FX700 and SM3, so I have made updates to the chart in the first post accordingly. I have updated many other things in the chart also, but mostly minor additions and changes. For example, the SM3 bass has changed my thoughts on the Copper bass. Sure, the price is double, but wow, the bass! It is the only universal that reminds me of the UE11 universal I tried. The UE11 universal mopped the floor with my IE8, which I compared it to.

The FX700 is definitely top-tier, and as James444 very accurately describes it in his FX700 thread. It is very nice indeed!

I have not had enough time to compare my new IEMs with my existing crop, nor have I given the FX700 the ear time it deserves (the SM3 arrived 2 days later and I have been grabbing for those almost every chance I get to listen).

Also, Woody469 thinks the SR-71 takes the GR8 to a whole other level where the soundstage competes with the IE8 and the rest of the presentation is just magnificent. And speaking of space, the SM3 might compete with the IE8...

Originally Posted by Pianist View Post
@ average_joe I just looked through your chart again in post #1 and you write that GR8 is smoother than Shure SE530. That is not true. It may be more coherent, but definitely not smoother. In fact, I have yet to hear a headphone that has a more liquid presentation than SE530.
I would say this is amp dependent, and both synergize with different amps. Actually, that statement can be expanded to almost all IEMs, and these top-tier IEMs can improve immensely with synergistic sources. If I only had the time/resources to compile that list.

Please put me on the list of supporters...
Also, I would like you to add RE0 to your list of IEMs that are close to being top tier.
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I am getting the ALO RX in a couple of days so I'll be able to comment on the UM3Xs synergy with that amp. Also if you could update the chart? I now own the UM3X but I sold my Triple.Fi 10s
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@average_joe, thank you for always keep us updated!
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A_J, your chart seems to just keep getting better and better.
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^I'm so glad he made this chart. I don't see why it took so long to make one. Keep up the good work man.
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Originally Posted by Young Spade View Post
I am getting the ALO RX in a couple of days so I'll be able to comment on the UM3Xs synergy with that amp. Also if you could update the chart? I now own the UM3X but I sold my Triple.Fi 10s
Originally Posted by KLS View Post
@average_joe, thank you for always keep us updated!
Originally Posted by Kunlun View Post
A_J, your chart seems to just keep getting better and better.
You are welcome! Chart updated.

Originally Posted by Young Spade View Post
^I'm so glad he made this chart. I don't see why it took so long to make one. Keep up the good work man.
Are you wondering why I took so long, or this forum took so long? Read the first several pages peppered with doubters something like this would have been useful. I am glad it is

Some notes on my new toys:
SM3: Sounds best with my iPod HPO. Next best is the AMP3, but there is a good amount of hiss. The Pro1 (vs. the Pro2) is too hissy. I really am looking forward to comparing these to my others because, if I am right, these have traits that match/nearly match the others best traits...

e-Q7: has been reborn. The one I have now is not the same sounding as the other one. So much better. Really, pretty amazing sound.

FX700: I have not given these are much ear time as I would have expected since the SM3 arrived 2 days later. While they are good, I don't know them all that well yet.

And thanks to another member, I will have the opportunity for an extended audition with the MD...Thanks!

Now, I need to figure out which amps I need for my new toys...
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You obviously have too many iem's with the SM3 and FX700 :P

The e-Q7 is definitely very good. It is taking time away from my CK10 as of late. The double flange tips I got from ebay are pretty much the same thing as the sound magic double flange tips so not much difference there but if you have the foam supertips you should give that a try as that is pretty good to my ears as well.

I bet you will enjoy the MD's as they were very nice to my ears although probably not for me. They are definitely one of the warmest pair of iem's I have ever tried which makes them not for me.
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Actually, I have too many IEMs since I have the SM3 and FX700 (and e-Q7)

The SM3 is warm, but I can't seem to want to listen to much else

If you had to chose between the CK10 and e-Q7, which would you choose and why?

Here are my tips:
FX700: white foam super tips (I have overcome the itching issue I had)
SM3: MC triple flange on olive cores
e-Q7: PFE tips (both super tips come off in my ears)

And I can handle warm, as my favorite used to be the IE8...looking forward to the MDs if I can get the SM3 out of my ears
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LOL what an unfair question :P

They are both very good and I wouldn't want to choose one. However if I had to I think I would choose the CK10 (that may change if you ask me again :P). If you aren't aware by now then you will know now but I do like my treble. I just feel that the e-Q7 doesn't have the sparkle that the CK10 has. The only complain I have with the CK10 treble is that the cymbal reproduction isn't that great but the e-Q7 isn't miles ahead in that either. I find the CK10 faster and the treble better to my ears. Also I like the way the CK10 handles bass. I like bass more of a where I can hear the bass notes without much decay and impact is not too high on my list of priorities so it fits me well. If the CK10 was a little bit better with cymbals that would mark my end of my search in terms of universal fit iem's.

Also not sound wise the CK10 is much more comfortable with a better cable. The e-Q7 does hurt my ears once in a while if I insert it too deep so I have to take it out and rest for a couple minutes and I find it the worst cable I have ever used from the Y split and down.

I would rather keep both which is what I am doing now However when I lent my e-Q7 I didn't have it for close to 3 weeks probably and I was pretty happy with it.
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@average_joe, would like to hear more from you about SM3, FX700 and e-Q7
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Average Joe........I really think with this level of iem's comfort starts to play as much a ole as sound, since they're all pretty good. And for the record, I too remember when Joe got pretty much nothin but grief for his trouble. It's my opinion that this thread has turned into a team effort, rather than combative one. I've even been listening to my triples more (largely because for me, thay are so comfortable, and fit like a dream) I'm actually enjoying them. A headfier had asked another to compare the orto's to the triples, so I thought, I'd give that a whirl myself......yes, the orto's win, closer than I thought though.
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Originally Posted by average_joe View Post
Thanks! But one correction - RE0 sound signature is not mid forward, not at all. It is almost completely neutral with some slight touch of warmth to the mids. In many ways, RE0 sounds like very good studio monitor can, albeit with a more limited soundstage and dynamics, and less bass power than a full-sized one.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to add that RE0 is neutral only with some tips, but not all. With the stock large bi-flanges, RE0 does become a bit forward in the lower and upper mids. With UE single flange tips, the mids even out and even become slightly recessed - the sound becomes just a little cold in the low and upper mids with slightly forward mid mids and a bit of emphasis on upper treble, but generally what I would call very close to neutral.
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A bit more on the PS200s:
Between using these and Monster Turbines, the treble energy definitely gives rock music a nice sheen, and makes it sound more alive. After some switching between the Icon Mobile DAC and my Clip+, I feel the PS200s definitely gravitate towards, and sound more inviting with warmer sources, although it's not that big of a deal. Both earphones and cable are very light. I can wear them with the cords down without being bothered by microphonics.

I've also found that the PS200s tend to accentuate percussive impact, making them sound 'snappy' with drums. Likewise, the bass impact is above average for a balanced-armature earphone, but unsurprisingly, it still recedes faster than dynamics. I've posted a write-up of considerable length here.

Oh, and "Pianist," I'd like to inoffensively point out that the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II appears twice in your signature.
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Interesting thoughts on the SM3 @ average_joe, although I definitely WON'T BE (and I mean it!) down that road until perhaps a few years when the SM4 comes out and they drop in price significantly. But!!!!!!.... (smiling and shaking my head)....I should have the FX700 in my possession by Monday!!! So I can't wait to see how it stacks up with my beloved Miles Davis and Orto.

As for tips, these foam tips are pretty amazing - hybrids by Monster. I have found that the large work best for me on the Miles, but the small foams work great on the Orto and don't come off. This works because the Orto requires a somewhat deep insertion, whereas the MD doesn't (just requires a great around the opening of the ear canal). The small supertip gels worked the same for me @ joe and didn't come off (although I don't prefer the sound with the gels on the Orto as much as I like the foams). I forget if your Canals are big or small, but may be worth a try. I generally require a medium-large to large tip. Well, cn11 says the FX700 lives up to greatness of the MD - and in some ways surpass it. We'll see on Monday, because I absolutely adore the MD sound, and it's gets better and better for me everyday revealing details in songs that I thought I knew every detail. in some ways, I love the MD more than the Orto, and in some ways I love the Orto more than the MD. But nothing I've heard yet compares to either for me. So this FX700 is going to have to be something quite extraordinary.
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