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IE7 > IE8

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I own both the IE7 and IE8, and have seen threads here comparing the two, with the IE8 being the clear winner in each case. However, I seem to like the IE7s a lot more. Here's how I would compare the two sound signatures:

- Neutral, balanced sound
- Thumping bass
- Huge soundstage
- Powerful mids
- Crystal clear highs(but not sparkling)

- Colored sound (focus on lower mids and deep bass, midbass hump)
- Boomy, powerful bass
- HUGER soundstage
- Forward mids
- Highs are recessed or veiled due to midbass hump

The reason I like the IE7s more is because of the better highs produced on it. The treble quality on the IE7s is not recessed like the IE8s. I find the IE8s to be too powerful on the lower end, making it difficult to listen for an extended period of time. The IE7s, on the other hand, have just the right amount of bass, causing the highs to be brought out a lot more. This balanced and neutral sound allows for more listening time with less fatigue. I still find the IE8s to be a great IEM overall, but prefer the IE7s because of its neutral sound. I think I find the IE7s to be better because I prefer neutrality over a colored sound. But for those who love a thunderous bass, although it's not the best in terms of quality, the IE8s are the way to go.

Anyone else like the IE7s more than the IE8s?
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just like the hd600 and hd650,one is bass heavy and veiled and the hd600 is neutral with brighter presentation.i agree that the ie8 is bass heavy and very veiled(much much more veiled than the hd650) but their presentation is unique and they are still my favourite iem.
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I found both the IE7 and the IE8 veiled, but I enjoyed them both. Recently sold the IE7, however, because I needed to make room the Copper Turbine. I liked the IE8 a little bit more than the IE7, but not by much.
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im the same, like the 7 more
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Hi chrisssssssss2, how is instrument separation of the two?
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Slight preference for the 7 here more often than not.
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in my opinion instrement seperation is about the same on the ie7/8s
although i would deffently say the vocals are more forward on the ie7
i also think the treble is better on the ie8,smoother, more accurate,less strained then on the ie7.
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I do agree that the treble is a lot smoother on the IE8s, but I feel that although it's clear, it also sounds a bit recessed and less pronounced due to its upper bass dominance. The IE7s, though not as smooth, extends its treble much more, or just sounds more pronounced because there is not as much emphasis in the upper bass. The next IEM I would like to get is the W3s because I hear it's very clear in the upper range. Anyone hear the W3s and how do they compare with the IE7/IE8s?
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I agree with the OP, I would also prefer the IE7 over the IE8. IE8 seems to have too much (mid-) bass for me though.
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I have my IE7 for several months and I am about to get an IE8 the day after tomorrow. IE7 had already satisfied me a lot, but I am still hope for a better performance of my IE8 after 500hours.

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