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Only two days old and already a star:


Z1000 (2010).JPG


My new Kawasaki Z1000.


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^ Looking great. Like the color scheme.

Congratulations! :D

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That's a beautiful bike, JaZZ. I hope she rides as well as she looks! I've been mostly on four wheels, but am hitting the desert next week and will spend some quality time with the old Nighthawk. I'm hoping to get in a ride to the Grand Canyon.
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Yeah, she really looks great, and she rides at least as great as she looks. She's somewhat demanding, though: 6.5 l/100 km is more than the 5.25 l of my former Z750, add to this the 15 l tank compared to the Z750's 18.5 l tank... Which means just 230 km per tankful. Also, the motor runs a bit rougher than the Z750's. Everything else is just plain better: power (!), responsiveness, handling, stability... And this with factory tires (Pirelli). I'm looking forward to the future Michelin Pilot Road II to replace them.


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Just noticed i hadn't contributed to the bike p0rn.

My trusty V-max, here goes;




After seeing these pics i am reminded that it needs a clean up

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Originally Posted by Old Pa View Post

The new scoot:



Nice ride!!  You're still 18 at heart, but your ass seems to know better, the lamb skin saddle rug noted.  Actually I've been lusting after this bike or the Super Duke for a few years.  KTM makes built-proof machines.

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I am more into cruising myself.  I have a HD 1974 ironhead to rebuild in a relatives basement.

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My 2006 Cagiva Mito 125 EvoII:



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this thread makes me sad and tears role up in my eys..

I miss my bike, I miss my licens,I miss my youth! hehe


alot of nice rides tough..

dont sell yor bikes! you´ll miss them horrible.. :(

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AudioTroll, why don't you get another one? Used ones are cheap and it's summer - the perfect time to ride! I've been thinking about picking up an old Sportster to wrench on, customize and have fun with. A new bike would be nice, but I'd really like to have a stripped-down bobber to cruise on.
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cashflow problems.. :(


no funds to retake my licens,and in the back of my mind I know

I´m probably gonna end up dead if I go back to 2 wheels anytime soon.

speed is my greatest lover,

I´m one of those who should not be alowed on public roads :P


but mostly its money thats holding me back :(

to be unemployed was fun for about 2 weeks..not anymore :/

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I have 2 bikes. My loyal ride for the last 15 years has been a '93 Katana 1100 which was the last year that they made the 1100 THEN THEY STUPIDLY WENT TO A RF900...very uncomfortable) Here is my Katana1100:

Last year, I went for the fastest production ride on the streets (in direct competition with the Hyabusa) and although it's a monster, ii handles like buttah (even 2-up which I ride most of the time):

Last year I took level I with California Super Bike school at NJ Motorsport Track in southern NJ with the man himself, Keith Code. It was a life changing experience. This year I am taking Level II.

And here all along I thought it was mountain bikes!!!   Great looking machines!   I have been teaching the MSF rider courses, (basic, advanced, and scooter) for about 8 years here in south Florida.  Also an examiner for the state for M/C endorsements.


I started riding in 1960 on an 125cc NSU Superfox and have owned Triumph, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and. yes, even a Harley which didn't stay in my garage very long.   Alltime favorite rides:  much modified Yamaha FZ1, Yamaha Vmax, and Triumph dragster. 


In deference to my approaching geezer status, I am now riding a Yamaha T-max. 


I don't know how I managed to overlook this thread for so long! 


Ride safe!


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Must be the Push-Pull technique that brings riders and head-fiers together.


I learned on the 1974 Honda MT 250 Elsinore Enduro that dirt bike riders make the best street riders too.


Just like a better pilot is made from flying a glider,dirt bike will teach a novice plenty-real quick.


My 1978 Honda GoldWing GL1000 was the ride that took me from Toronto all the way to the ocean in Key West.


Motorcycles + Audio = My Epitaph


Honorable mention: Real Barbeque

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Just took possession my new-to-me 2008 Harley Davidson Street Bob. I've wanted a Harley since I was a kid...and it's everything I imagined it would be...and then some!



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Went on my first real extended motorcycle ride in the US, with my friends this last weekend. It was a mellow paced 300 miler to the beach and back.

Am riding a 92 Yamaha Seca 2. Its a big departure from the 13HP single engined 150cc putter i used to ride back home in India. Fun times. :D



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