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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
Being a bit older and more sensible than I was years ago,...

Oh please give me a break.  Older and sensible, that's why you drive an Ariel Atom.

Originally Posted by aamefford View Post
 ...a 2003 Gas Gas 280 Pro trials bike.

Tryals oh yeah!  I was once a member of PITS

Originally Posted by teds headfood View Post
1600 roadstar,v&h pipes(must be heard),corbin seat(must be comfortable/best seats on the market imo),...

Loud pipes saves lives.  Road Stars rule.


Originally Posted by drewfus420 View Post
these are a little more recent

Very nice street fighter.  CB 750 are cult bikes.



Originally Posted by Old Pa View Post

Been riding since around 1970, owning since 1978.  Did a lot of sport touring in the later 70s, early 80s, including two solo trips from Chicago to the Left Coast.  Current ride is a 2006 Suzuki DL 650 Vee Strom which fits my needs perfectly.

Old Pa you still hanging around here??


Anyway here are some shots of my current rolling stock:


RSW 102 cu inS1Cota 315R

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Nice Buell shots. My current ride is a you guessed it.. 2001 sportster 1200 Sport, Won the bike on a giveaway from Visa. But been riding since 1976 on an old honda Trail 70 my dad bought me.
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I own 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 :)



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Nice shots guy! Keep 'em coming!


(I really ought to link to pics of my Bonnie)

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Currently riding a CBF-250, it's been a good learner, and I'm still learning...


As soon as I can justify it, I'm getting my dream bike - Trumpy Street Triple R

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I've owned many bikes over the years and currently still rock my '04 Honda VTX. I've ridden up and down pretty much the entire coast with it.



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Just converted to a  H4 headlight which I converted to xenon arc bulbs & ballast for my CX500c. This light is bright with a capital B. I had to mod the beams on it though in order to get the proper sharp cutoff for the H4 beam pattern as it was not even close to matching even though the beam forming hardware was there.The beam forming hardware was improperly formed & the placement of the halogen high beam bulb (seperate bulb but on the same H4 bulb support) caused huge amoult of beam scatter for the low beam so I moved it from beside the lowbeam HID bulb to below the low beam forming plate that is supposed to provide the sharp low beam cutoff so the high beam bulb wouldn't scatter the low beam as it came past the beam forming plate. I might add that no matter where the seperate high beam bulb end up the light from it is all but useless except in emergency as in the case of the HID bulb goes out for any reason


This resolved the beam scattering issue on low beam. Now i just need to get an H4 lens that has the bulb shroud that prevents the direct radiation of the HID bulb from exiting the lens. Only light coming off the reflector should be allowed to exit the lens not light directly from the bulb.


It is likely due to these isues that most HID kits are in fact illegal as they send too much ligh to places it doesn't belong causing temporary blindness to oncoming vehicles. The mods I have done so far though have seemed to be effective in spite of some direct radiation from the bulb itself as no one has flashed me to indicate my lights are too bright.

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My '98 Bandit 1200 & Mac the cat:



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Purty. Enjoy your new toy! I know I would.

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Originally Posted by ronin74 View Post



Old Pa you still hanging around here??



'Fraid so. :D

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here's my new er6n :)


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Originally Posted by gallardo88 View Post

here's my new er6n :)

That was my former bike – more precisely the previous model. I think the new version looks even nicer.

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This is a bit off topic, but I was wondering what is a good "starter bike" for someone who really doesn't have much experience riding. Would it be best to look for a relatively puny 125cc or just go straight for a 250cc?

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You can easily start on something like Kawasaki Ninja 250. It' s a great starter's bike.

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As I'm very a new learner, you might want to take my comments with a grain of salt. I bought a 125 as a commuter (a MadAss 125 to be exact). Within a few weeks I found that it is great on the short commute where I don't have any hills or need to exceed 80km/h, but as I have started venturing further away I find that the 125 lacks power. I did a practice session with some other guys on the weekend. The only other guys there on a 125 has a new CBR125 and he made the same comments.


I'm just about to trade up to a Honda VTR250. Still not a power beast, but light enough to feel comfortable yet will do the highway speed.


If I can also ask an off topic question. What gloves do people use in cold weather. Winter has just arrived and my 'winter' gloves don't seem to cope very well with winter. Any recommendations from those people who ride in cold weather?

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