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This has been a good week personally for me with respect to biking.


Got my first track day in of the year at the RIdge near Shelton Washington. Going down the corkscrew wasn't terribly fun :P. Was real nervous to begin with as i hadn't really ridden seriously since my crash back in september of last year. SO thursday was all about getting back on the bike and getting comfortable and feeling relaxed. BY the end of the day felt pretty decent on the bike. Turns 1 through 7 were a blast for me.





Day was going great till it turned into a major bummer!


A homie got clobbered going into the cork screw section on the last session of the day by an idiot who must've thought he was Rossi or Stoner :P 




ALso got in a fair bit of dirt riding yesterday..mostly goat tracks in the Tillamook rainforest.Very picturesque, perfect weather :)

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Been riding 3 years on a 02 R6. Every time I ride it I itch to take it to the track but right now my fun money is used for go kart racing which is incredibly fun. I want to track my bike and my car and race and I hate that I have to pick one :(





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Here's my new (to me) ride.  2006 ZX6R - last of the 636s.


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A cautionary tale:  Coming home from breakfast Monday (Labor Day) morning on my Husaberg 570FE motorcycle just before 1000hrs, on a narrow, shoulderless, closed-in piece of undulating tarmac two miles from the house, a young woman in a borrowed full-size late model GM pick-up, and on her cell phone, tried to “James Dean” me while she was making an unsignalled left turn without pause on a blind curve.  I was already going slowly because sight lines in the area are very close, traffic was up, and I have driven this road for over twenty-five years.  The actual accident presented to me very uniquely; the visual image of the big speeding truck head-on in my lane appeared and before I could even process it as “vehicle”, I was on my front brake.  The front tire, trying to bank left and then brake hard, washed out, levered the handlebars violently, and I low-sided forcefully on my left side.  I’m afraid with the suddenness, the fear and the pain, I screamed for a while on the roadway just like an animal.  And then I saw my leg; nothing I could fix at home.

Everybody was very good to me, people stopped, the woman driving the truck called an ambulance, the POs and EMTs showed up, triaged my situation, got my bike out of the way (and I called for a tow) and I was in the Abbott Northwestern emergency department within the hour.  I never lost consciousness and my uninformed opinion of no fractured bones and no head or neck injuries proved accurate.  My boot, jacket and pants were trashed on the left side, although I slid a total of only 10 to 15 feet after low-siding.

It took nine hours to process through the emergency department and, since I now live alone, I had to manipulate them into releasing me after I got somebody to come pick me up and give me a ride home.  The main risk has been having the stiches on my leg de-hisc (pull out), because, as it was explained to me, with the laceration completely across the top of my leg above my knee, they only had one bite of the apple to get it stitched and healed.  If I pulled the stitches out, there would be nothing else left  to sew on to.  I have a picture of the un-repaired wound, but it's nothing you want to see, although they came from all over the hospital and across the street to look at it.  22 stitches to close.  So I have been very slow and careful, and there have been challenges taking care of myself and the girls, but when I was seen in ortho clinic last Thursday morning, the stiches were good, there was no indication my quads capsule had been damaged and there was no sign of infection.  I even tried to go off of the narcotic pain-killers last Thursday.  Big mistake.  Reducing pain meds is still somewhere in the future.

So I am getting better and doing fine and will make a complete recovery with no remaining residual effects.  It will just take a little time.  Indeed, I feel quite blessed and very grateful considering that if my 58-year-old reactions had not been what they were, I would have gone straight into the side of the accelerating truck (the driver told PO's and her adjuster that when she saw me, she accelerated "to get out of his way"), high-sided, spun and probably would have been hurt much more.  Or the other alternative.   And although no citations were issued, the other driver's insurance adjuster has taken full liability for my injuries and the damage to the Husaberg.  The yoga, the meditation, and the Holy Spirit were all with me.  May they always be with you.  Namaste! 

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Old Pa! It's good to know that you're OK!


I have a 650cc Versys and a 110cc KSR. Both are fun bikes.




Myself on the left with a buddy on his bike. Our little gang's been riding together since college years a quarter century ago.



Riding to Northern Vietnam town of Sa Pa. Nice place!

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Glad you are weathering it well Dude. There is no replacement for experience in a situation like that. You gotta let the automatic motor functions kick in and bypass the thinking brain in order to react quickly enough. Probably saved a lot of damage to the bike too.

Keep the cheer up!

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Now this is the "Fi" I was looking for! Will be a nice read for tonight.


Been riding since 85 (83 if you count riding a 50cc legally at 16 or 81 if illegally counts as well ;) ).

First 15 years of Hondas give or take, then a Suzuki, now 12 years of Beamers with one Triumph alongside for a short time.


If I remember correct the list goes like this:

Honda MTX50, CBX750, CB1000F, CB Seven Fifty, ST1100, VFR800, ST1300

Suzuki GSX1400

BMW K1200RS, R1150GS, again R1150GS and a third one on the way. This is my winter bike.

Triumph Thunderbird 1700 fully tuned. Big mistake.

Next up: R1200GS (2013 model) and the naked bike version of the S1000RR when it finally comes out plus an MV Agusta Rivale 800 end of next year.

Keeping the R1150GS and K1200RS though, busy ordering the parts to fully tune them.

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My current favorite, Harley Night Train, one day

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My two next bikes, hopefully both next year.

The chics are optional. Quite expensive sadly.



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Originally Posted by AppleheadMay View Post

Triumph Thunderbird 1700 fully tuned. Big mistake.


Big mistake ?

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Yup. Didn't I tell you yet? Has been a while since we chatted.

I always wanted a custom/chopper/cruiser ... whatever you want to call it but knew these don't handle all that well. I also never found a model that was 100% my taste.

Unless I found the blue/white Thunderbird 1600/1700.

All the reviews in the magazines I read as well as on the web claim this bike is the best handling chopper ever.

As I totally liked the looks of this one I went out to buy one. Not longer available in this color. Called all Triumph dealers in the country and all said the same.

Until I found one that had a demo with 800km in the color I wanted. I completely tuned the bike, 1700cc Big Bore kit and all.

But after riding it for a while it became apparent that what I always thought about choppers is true: they're only good for driving straight ahead, long slight winding roads is ok but twisdty roads like we have in thew Ardens here or the Alps is not for a Cruiser. 

Pegs scraping at every turn and roundebaoout upto the point where they scrape too much and something else that doesn't wanna bend  is about to scrape. At that point you have a problem. ;)

You simply can not ride these bikes in some kind of sporty way. I'm used to enduros, nakeds and sport tourers, the fun stuff thus. No fun for me with a chopper.


Beauty though, some tasteful accessories, 114PS and 165Nm, beats a Rocket III in the first three gears as I heard from the new owner. And a hell of a sound!  :)




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Some of the other bikes I don't have anymore.


My MTX50. Usually had some stickers on the front shield but it was under reapir as usual. You can see the brake lever bent. =)

The only photo I have silly enough, I'm not much of a picture taker.






CBX750F, my first real bike.






My father got interetsted in bikes as well and bought him a CBR1000F. Couldn't ride it and instead of selling it I got it, so I had two bikes then. More powerful but simply not as good as the CBX.





Years later when I sold the two bikes I got me two others: CB Seven Fifty and ST1100 Pan European.







Again years later, replaced by VFR800 and ST1300 Pan European. The VFR was actually meant for my wife but she gave it up after a couple of weeks. Again, one more bike for me.  =)







Was missing a naked bike so I sold the Pan and got me a GSX1400 instead.






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I've just discovered that one of my neighbors owns a bimota tesi 3d... I'm in love with this neighborhood smile.gif

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That's a damn special bike. No idea how it handles though. This model saw life through the thesis on frame development of a student. 

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Originally Posted by AppleheadMay View Post

That's a damn special bike. No idea how it handles though. This model saw life through the thesis on frame development of a student. 

Oh yes it is, it looks wonderful... I wonder how it compares to vyrus' offering since they use the very same technology.

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