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picking up new tires.


Bridgestone BT-003 DOT Race tire, Type 3  medium compound.


Moving to a 190 rear. With the penske should be able to compensate for ride height since the 190 is going to be taller.


Installed a new stator cover last night. Going to do a oil change, clean and lubricate the chain, install the ASV levers tonight and then drop off the bike at SDS performance for the suspension jobby and mounting the new tires on. Should be ready to rock the track next weekend!! very_evil_smiley.gif

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This is Jason DiSalvo riding with the Motofit Group at ORP a month or so ago.








 it friday yet!!!

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this guy down the street builds real nice cheap choppers in his garage. he is unknown except around here. i like one he has. i am not concerned about it's value. i just wanted to know if i need to be concerned about the safety of the bike if i don't know anything about this guy. i can look it over and i know some about bikes as i have rode for years. however i am no bike mechanic. for what he wants i doubt he will let me bring it anywhere or anything.
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I'd ask around about the mechanic before leaving your bike there. I don't wnt some fool working on my bike doing god knows what when i'll be pushing the bike as far as i dare.


Just an hour or so to go and am heading to the track to camp.. we ride tomorrow morning !!!



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Does anyone watch MotoGP here? We went to the Laguna Seca race and my uncle rode the course, we stuck a camera to his bike but he still hasn't shown us the video wink_face.gif Does anyone watch American Chopper?


Sick videos! I would imagine after some time you learn how to fall off unharmed? Like with a skateboardblink.gif


I want one like randomkid has, a POS i can abuse and learn how to ride for cheap, does anyone know how much it costs to get a 125 license? My uncle has a blue R6 just like that one, had a gsxr1000 he bit it on before. I also like the look of those old school Indian bikes and Triumphs, i have no idea what i will eventually get.

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It's a sad day for Motogp :(

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Originally Posted by Ultrainferno View Post

It's a sad day for Motogp :(

indeed.. was up last night watching the race..truly horrifying.

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Had a friend who lowsided after hitting a pothole (wasn't used to his steel braided brake lines). He was dragged in a twisted position when his ankle was caught under the bike. Fortunately he was wearing racing gear or he would have been really bad off.

Here is my CBR600F3 at Newcombs Ranch for a MotoGP race. Its been my primary since '03, sold my M3 convertible because it wasn't getting much use. LA traffic suuucks and we can lane split. My car gets relegated to bad weather and hauling stuff. The odometer broke around 65k but she's still running good as new.

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I just bought a new clip on to replace the left handle bar that i broke when i crashed last.

Also bought a used front wheel with rotors off of fleabay. 


Going to use that as my street set and leave the bridgestone DOT race tires on my stock wheels for track use.


Still need to buy a subframe as i bent the subframe as well in the last crash :(

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I plan to own a bike some day but priorities and finances prevent it right now.  

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Horrible accident :(

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Originally Posted by Ultrainferno View Post

Horrible accident :(

All of the riders that crashed in that video survived and I think even raced the following year.  The Isle of Mann TT is one of the greatest races out there is you ask me.  Lots of courage on two wheels.  One of the things I enjoy about motor racing is that the drivers all do it knowing that they could be seriously injured or killed.  They do it anyway, for the love of the sport, the thrill, and the excitement.


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The Isle of Man takes some serious balls, more so than riding any MotoGP or Superbike circuit.  The road conditions and the chance of flying through someone's living room window takes serious balls indeed.  I for one, would never go that fast around residential streets and dairy land. 

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IOM is such an historic race. When in high school I has a b&w poster bought from Cycle World magazine, with a rear shot of Mike Hailwood leaning through a curve on one of the Honda six cylinders.


Might be my bad memory, but didn't they discontinue that race right around the time of Barry Sheen?

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I want to get motarded next year!!


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