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Sachu, don't know your weight and height, but if you're being pulled towards the speed triple specs, you might want to consider going up in the displacement ladder and go balls out for the big liter bikes ie R1 and equivalents.  I think its common knowledge that you can't go wrong with the Japanese bikes.  I admit the Daytona and Ducati's are sexier, but aftermarket parts and mods are usually more in favor of the "rice rockets".  I'm not sure if this term still applies.

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way too much power on liter bikes for street riding. heck i think even supersports are geared for the track and unsuitable for everyday riding. The triples however are comparitively better in this regard but not by a whole lot.


Another reason i am looking at the daytona is the insurance. 1500$ as against 1900-2000$ a year for the R6 and Hondas.



A 2010 street triple or SV650 is half that in insurance.



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Between the two, the Speed Triple will give you a bigger grin.  I recall mine when I rode a coworkers.  I didn't realize it was in the same insurance class as the SV650.  And here I was complaining with my $165/year for insurance for my SV650S.


Regarding insurance, did you try Progressive?  I found them to be the cheapest or pretty close.

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you have full coverage on your SV650 at 165/year?


My insurance is high cause i don't have a long driving history, in my twenties, single, rent and don't own a house, a single speeding violation. The SV650 comes out to 550 a year for me.

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Yup, and that's with nearly maxed out coverage.  Reason - I'm on the opposite end of the life spectrum: clean record, own a house, married, over 30, took both the basic and experienced motorcycle safety courses, driving for over 21 years.....yada yada yada.  Get on the bandwagon, and you too will find cheaper insurance :)


I apologize in advance if someone on this thread is an insurance agent, but I have a personal love/hate thing with insurance in general. 

post #186 of 426 due time..driving history is a bunch of bollocks here in the ..cause i've been riding since i was 16 on a motorcycle, but only US driving history is taken into consideration and according to that i barely have a year on my record :P. Going to take the intermediate and the advanced MSF courses this year. 

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Originally Posted by sachu View Post

they are both 675 triples..but i know you are talking about the daytona.


reasons for preferring the 600RR or the R^?


If the daytona doesn't do it for me, then i will try out the R6. I am rather partial towards the yamahas. :P


Sorry, I've just called the Daytona the "675 triple" and the other the "street triple"..


And the 600RR/R6 just fit me better. I felt that in the corners both were more suitable for me (or felt better to me), and in the straights they're all fairly comparable. Honestly my order would be 600RR >> R6 >> 675 Daytona, but any of them are superb. The R6 is a little more insane - you could just tell that it wanted to kill you... subtly haha (this is a good/bad thing), that's the only reason that the 600RR is better for me.


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Originally Posted by sachu View Post

i am yet to try the daytona and the street triple...going to ride the R6, CBR and the ZX6R as well and see what feels right to me. 


The street triple makes more sense for every day riding though the super sports look way cooler.


What would you guys recommend i look at ?  I have ridden the SV650 and its really nice, especially the one i rode (heavily modified and tuned just right) and is worth considering too. The ducati monster is another, though its air cooled and so will have starting problems in the cold weather and have a dry clutch which i am not too fond of.

The SV650 can be a great bike if modded properly, stock it leaves much to be desired.  It has a motor that pulls hard from low RPMs to the rev limit.  Adding a full pipe system adds a bit more grunt and can make nice sounds.  The stock suspension is not worthy of being on this bike.  The shock can (and should) be replaced, the forks can be modded.


I highly recommend getting a Sargent saddle if you find the stock seat lacking in comfort as I did.


Why would an air cooled bike have any more trouble starting than a liquid cooled bike?

Clutches wet or dry wear out and have to be replaced.  I would worry more about the clutch in the SV650, my clutch plates wore out much too quickly for my tastes, around 10,000mi. with only minor abuse. 

Dry plates do make a funny clatter that take some getting use to.

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Agree with the SV650 stock configuration specs lacking worthiness.  However, it suits the admission price - old and new.  At least there are some suspension components that can be swapped out from the GSXR in addition to massive world wide mod support the SV has.  For seats, I would add Corbin.  The stock seat sucks for any any ride of 10+ miles. 

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I'm paying $465 with theft on a ZX-14 with Progressive. Was paying $1250 with Allstate and Geico wanted $4300/ gotta shop around.                                                                                     

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Corbin seats are a good bit more firm than Sargent.  Either is a major improvement over stock though.

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I've owned 2 Corbin seats for SuperSports, and far prefer the Sargent seats. 

Like plaiplatypus said, Corbin is slightly firmer, but they hurt me on long rides. Had to change from briefs to bicycle spandex mountain bike shorts because I would get irritated by the briefs end stitching.

Don't have that problem on my ZX's Sargent plus it stops my wife from slamming into me on hard stops.


Too cool, windy, and looks like rain, to ride today. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer.

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That's me on the right with my buddy in the tillamook state forest :D




With my shred machine!!

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And so..after having sold my Seca 2 a month ago, i upgraded to this today. duggehsmile.png

Now I only wish I could upgrade my riding skills so easily ph34r.gif


Lots to unlearn and relearn. Should be fun either way :)


2005 R6 with 3400 miles on it..bone stock.



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I got my YBR in January, have done nearly 2000 miles, have sold the second car and will be taking my Direct Access tests to ride larger bikes at the end of the month.





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