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Head-Fi and HDtracks (David Chesky) Collaborate to Assemble A Headphone System Test Album! - Page 18

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Shame the HDTracks site is all broken. Search isn't working, some albums are displayed as blanks, etc. (ff 3.6, opera 11.0 alpha, ie8)




no paypal by the looks of it either, or at least they don't advertise the with the pp logo 


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I just bought the 24/96 this afternoon. It is my first foray into hi-res files and I am absolutely blown away. I had no idea they could sound that good (lots of credit, of course, to the recording/production in the first place). I took a break for a few hours and came back and they sound better than I remembered. Simply astonishing, and a great collection of tracks too.


I'm in the "foobar won't play my 88.2 track 7" camp. What's the simplest way to up-convert?

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this is very nice!


I actually managed to miss this.

This topic deserves to be bumped every now and then

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This great!  Thanks!

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Downloading right now! It's going to be nice having a consistant and relevant collection of tracks to help test future audio purchases.

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That site apparently only sells to the United States? At least that is what it states in the FAQ. I'd really like to check this sampler and also that new album posted above at the top of the screen  ( at the time of this  post anyhow ). I won't bother if I am going to run into issues halfway through or something. Anyone have an idea about this? I'd prefer a physical copy but that crazy bitrate will do I guess as a last resort.


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I have to say when I listened to the samples on the HDTracks site, I wasn't interested in any of the songs but since downloading them I've probably listened to them 1000 times.

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I would purchase track 12 on the 96khz but I can't, need to buy the entire album. Well, so much for that..... 


I was looking around but three things sux for me(maybe I'm used to itunes already), you can't purchase songs seperatly on many albums, the web site looks unprofessional, and very little artist I like, let alone know.

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I checked my account on HD Tracks and I purchased this Head-Fi sampler on April 18th, 2010. I have since switched to a System76 Bonobo Professional laptop running Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit. Is there any way that I can re-download my purchased content? I lost the data years ago when I switched computers and operating systems.

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Holy moly! I downloaded the free sampler from HD Tracks and I am listening to the 24bit/96kHz .FLAC files right now. The sound is so pristine, natural, and full along with being totally relaxed and effortless! My Resolution Audio Opus 21 Extra Sources box has a USB 2.0 port, but it uses the older adaptive mode so I am limited to 24bit/96kHz source material. These few HD Tracks sampler .FLAC loss less files sound absolutely wonderful compared to the rest of my music library which is almost exclusively 16bit/44.1kHz source material. It is a very big and easily noticeable sound difference! There is so much more fidelity, clarity, dynamic range, resolution, and detail along with a holographic sound stage. Female and male vocals take on a natural tone and pitch which sounds effortless. This is unbelievable!


Now, if only I can figure out how to re-download the Head-Fi sampler album without having to repay for the same data twice. I sent HD Tracks a message and I am waiting for their reply to my question.

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Graham from HD Tracks replied to my e-mail message and I was able to re-download Head-Fi's Open Your Ears album again. I have all 12 .FLAC files on my Serpent encrypted Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1.5 terabyte USB 2 external hard disk drive. I will listen to this album later tonight to evaluate my high end audio system.

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Just a friendly bump for others who haven't listened to this. 

Track 12 for me was completely mind blowing on my HD650 and Lyr (no bifrost yet so its directly connected to ipod) I had complete smiles on my face the whole time. 

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Bump because I am downloading and this seems to be a good value.

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This threads should be a sticky or something.

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I've owned this album for a long time now and I just love it!

I enjoy all of the actual music on the album, and the pure tests like Heartbeat and Percussion imaging are quite useful :)

I'd love if Head-Fi could do something like this again! I need more music like this

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