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Problem with Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5pro

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Hi everybody. I bought this headphones last summer and really liked them. Unfortunately, a month ago I accidentally pulled cable along with the connector (I am not sure how it is called) out of headphone. I called Ultimate Ears support centre and was told that they do not repair headphones Anyway, they offered me a discount on any new headphones. Although It is great, I really want to repair my Superfi 5 pro. Does anybody know any reliable audio repair shop in Toronto where I can have it fixed? I attached couple pictures of the broken headphone, so the damage can be clearly seen.
Thank you
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it's a design flaw, if it's under warranty they should fix it. They did on mine when that happened to me.
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you could send it in to get it custom molded. will cost around $90 for a remold.
search around this forum
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Wow that sucks man. Yea... are you willing to upgrade or repair them? IMO if you want to keep the phones I'd say to get them remolded but if not then you should look and get a better pair of IEMs.
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Remove the emblem and you can split the case (carefully!) at the glue seam. Use a knife and take your time. Once split, anybody that can solder will easily do that portion of the repair. Glue them back up. They may not look quite a pretty when done but I took a damaged SF 3 apart this way after the same damage to look. Didn't finish the repair it but that would have been the easier part.
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Yea, good excuse for a custom re-mold, don't look back...
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Honestly, 5pros are fine but not worth the extra expense if can fix them for cheap. He'd be better off just buying some panasonics from J&R.
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If you do not come up with a solution, I may be willing to buy the broken one from ya. I have a pair, but one broke when I was in Africa. I didn't have a soldering iron, and the cheap-ass chinese ones do more harm than good. Anyway, ended up burning the solder pads off one of the drivers. Now that I'm back in the US, I'd like to repair it, but need a new driver.
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hey folks, i'm facing the same problem. The right ear piece broke and now I'm looking for a wounded owner with the right ear piece in good condition. I'm also ready to part with the  left piece if the first option does not work out. It's either buy a kidney or sell a kidney 

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Has anyone found a solution for this? UE won't repair it and it's been well over the warranty period.

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sorry for bumping - how do you get the emblem panels off - it looks like you have to pretty well destroy them to get them off. My 5 Pros have a problem on the left audio - it sounds like only one driver (the high frequency) is hooked up. I want to open it up to figure out the problem, but I'm not sure how to get in the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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