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My experience, buy a logitech ue900 cable, it's 20 bucks. Then ship it off to someone who is ok with retermination of the IEM connectors. Total like 40-50 bucks. I had no issue finding someone willing to do the termination in Europe at least.
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I've been using a triple fi 10 cable in mine for a year now.  One thing I wasn't sure of was which way to face the pin as I inserted it to not have the polarity 180 out of phase.


How can I test that?


I have a standard electronic multi meter.

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Talking with my brother about how to test polarity of my JH cables, he gave me the idea to measure the resistance on the original cable, then I could match that up with my replacement cables... such a simple idea, yet I never thought about doing that.


I did have my cables out of phase.


Here are the results I found.  You can easily test your replacement cables polarity using a resistance meter (Ohm meter).  I used my multi meter, and the resistance was around 1.6 ohms on my JH cable, and around 1 ohm on my UE cable.  Not sure if that would make a sound quality difference or not.  But I now know my polarity is correct.


Anyway, Enjoy:



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The arete cable does not work with an iPhone as a mic. It works sometimes, but mostly not. When it's not working the remote is not working either.
Tested on 3 iPhone 4s and 1 iPhone 4.
However it does work with ipad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini.
Even tested the app micCheck and confirmed that it doesn't work with iPhone but with ipad.
Tested with two other (cheap ones) pair of headset and both worked with my iPhone. Also confirmed by the app.

Edit: Kevin at Null Audio contacted me and he is sure that the remote does work, but he thinks that the problem maybe the 4-pin connector. Anyway, they are sending me a new cable and before sending it they are sending a video demonstrating it working on their products (ipads, iphones etc).
He also said to me that they've had been working on new lune and Arete cables. Great service!
I will test the new cable and share my impressions. Hopefully I received a faulty cable.

As I said earlier, the cable does work with ipad,ipod and macs. But not iphone. I'll send Kevin a video showing this, maybe they can identify a new problem.

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I had one of the JH mic cables that I used with my 1964Ears. It was OK but:

    I prefer an asymmetric cable layout to the IEMs - cable descends from the left ear to the device with the cable from the right ear joining at neck-level

    The mic was too heavy for the cables and would drag them

    The mic only acted as a mic/play/pause/prev/next control. 

    The cable at the plug fatigued after a year or so.

    The mic quality was not great


Reading this thread I realised that there were no suitable cables off-the-shelf. What I did was get a B&W replacement cable from Custom-cable. It was then pretty straightforward to cut off the mic and lower cable from the JH cable, cut the upper plug off the B&W cable, trim the cables to the IEMs and solder the correct wires together to maintain polarity and conduction. Lacquer to insulate the fine wires and a bit of shrink-wrap neatened it up and it's been working for months. Volume control, play/pause/back/forward and light enough that it can hang easily on the left side with no snagging or drag. I understand the mic quality is excellent from some of the calls I've used it for.


Only problem is that the plug is a straight 3.5mm one and with a device in a trouser pocket the wires fatigue. It's taken just over a year of frequent use for this to happen so it's not too bad. I'll probably try to find a similar cable with a 90-degree plug to increase the durability.

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Null audio mkiii offers android and apple mic and button controls. I have one on my ue tf10's and the quality is excellent.
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Has anyone found a high quality iPhone-compatible mic/control to use for custom cables?  I made a post in the Help Forum per the board instructions but got very few views and no replies.  It seems like DIY parts for such a cable are nearly non-existant which is a damn shame, as I would certainly be willing to pay for a high quality mic that doesn't look like a pile of what the horse leaves behind in the field.


An ideal mic would retain Apple's volume up/down controls in addition to the multi-use "control" button.  I've taken apart a couple Apple cables but they're using extremely thin conductors and I wouldn't even be able to fit wires in there.


Double Helix Cables seems to offer a remote/mic solution but:


1. It lacks volume controls (remember that if we are using the controls at all we have to forgo the use of an amp anyway).


2. It's ugly as sin.


3) They don't sell it separately.

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well remember i said null audio offers it, however its non removable however it is sleek, it has the buttons you are looking for, if you build a cable its a just a extra $20.00 and their cable are top notch

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Originally Posted by Mooses9 View Post

well remember i said null audio offers it, however its non removable however it is sleek, it has the buttons you are looking for, if you build a cable its a just a extra $20.00 and their cable are top notch


Yes, I looked at Null Audio but I was not happy with the prices and selection, nor was I particularly impressed with the quality of their responses when I had emailed them questions I had about their cables.


My question more focuses on DIY solutions, such as a separate mic control or a cheaper cable that uses a high quality control that can be opened up and re-used.

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welp i tried:rolleyes:

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Originally Posted by Mooses9 View Post

welp i tried:rolleyes:

That you did, and I genuinely appreciate it.  In fact, in lieu of other suggestions, yours still remains the best.  I'm just trying to find a solution that doesn't involve me settling on my admittedly finicky goals before I settle for Null Audio. :-)

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UE has a new version of the mic cable with the nice slim controls/mic instead of the big clunky ones.

The only rub is they only offer it for the new style connectors.


Considering I just finished repairing my UM reshells due to the old UE cable fatiguing and breaking a pin off in the IEM as well as the plug area developing some cracks, I figured they were not going to survive such an incident.

As a result I thought I'd try epoxying a cable in place and I thought I'd try the new UE cable.

I cut the shroud off and test fitted. I needed to trim a bit of length from the pins. After getting a snug fit, I hit it with a bit of clear epoxy.

Over all I'm very pleased with the result. Hopefully this will improve the longevity of the setup.







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