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Well, guess what I got in the mail today? A "return to sender" for the money order I mailed out to an ebayer for the purchace of my sharp MD 831. The seller said he understands if i dont feel like paying, so i figured i could give this a second thought. (the MD was 75.00 btw) Are minidiscs really the best form of portable electronics? I mean, I do need something that is durable and wont skip, and sounds good at the same time. I already have a Sony Sports discman, and some Ety ER-6. Should i really go with an MD? Or should i just give up and get the D-25s cdp?
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if you want pocketsize, go MD! if you're at all concerned about soundquality and shockproofness, it is IMO the best portable solution. if you don't mind lugging around a (comparatively) huge P-CDP, you won't have to put your CDs on MD first.
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Actually, MD's don't have as good sound quality as CD's, since it uses a compression format (atrac).

If you look at labels, a CD can hold 74 minutes or 80 min, and the same is printed on MD labels. However, a CD can hold 700 MB, while MD's only technically hold 200 MB. MD's can hold just as much music as CD's because it uses a compression format, so the sound quality is very close, but not quite the same.

I personally have a MD recorder because i can't tell much of a difference between MD and CD, plus its more portable.
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Yes, ATRAC compresses 5:1, so the average 74 min/650mb gets down to 74:59/150mb on a blank MD (700 meg cd to 160 meg MD which stores 80:59 of tunes).

The quality is actually very clean, not like what you get with a mp3 of comparable "quality." I personally own a player that kicks ass and seems to be one of the best quality player's ever put out, never skips and has eight steps of bass and treble, which you set to 2 level presets (mega bass 1 and 2) with the remote. Plus, its pretty light weight and has good battery life.

What i noticed when comparing the CD to the MD of the same album (lets say Foo Fighters first album), the MD tends to sound tighter (bass wise), less spacious (honestly i prefer this because some average recorded cds tend to carry bloated air) and very clean highs. BAD? Nope not at all, personally i like how my RHCP mix (from their early songs to the most recent) sounds superb with my Sony 7506's. Best of luck in choosing a player/recorder.

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ATRAC is a better encoding technology than any current MP3 encoder. MD sounds great, and is, for most true "portable" uses, by far my favorite: great sound, great battery life, low price, fantastic editing capabilities, plus the ability to record live.

As for your purchase, $75 for a Sharp 831 is INSANE!!! That's a great portable recorder. Buy it and one of us will buy it off you
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Data Compression

Also consider that almost every pcdp uses compression for antiskip, and I suspect that this kind of compression is very primitive compared to ATRAC in MDs.
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I would not say portable CD players sound better than MD players, due to compression. That's not true. I have some CD players that really stink. I have a JVC MD portable that sounds just about "high end", with incredible sound. My Sony MD portables sound ok, and better than most CD players.
I do have a Philip eXpanium 103 that sounds ok, but even in regular CD mode, not as good as the JVC MD.

For portable use, I would say a good portable MD recorder that uses AA batteries (not proprietary batteries) is a good choice.
This could be about $180 from Wal Mart.

But if you have a CD burner in your computer, a portable CD player with good ESP is the cheapest choice.

For a lot of portable use I use MD, and for hard exercise, use memory based MP3 players.
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For a lot of portable use I use MD, and for hard exercise, use memory based MP3 players.
Now I know why I rarely, if ever, use my Nomad II mp3 player.
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okay, i guess i will keep the md then. That D-25s was a beautifull portable though, i wish they made md's that looked that nice. (ive always been an asthetic)
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