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The Original 3D Cover from The Rolling Stones "Their Satanic Majesties Request"

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Originally Posted by SiriuslyCold View Post
Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures was voted as the most iconic album cover of all time (2008 poll)

like these?

Roger Dean's book is 12.1"x12.1"

this one is 8"x8"

Yes exactly. I thought I was on to something. Oh well. I will be buying these!

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A personal favorite. It decorates my bedroom in LP form.
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Anything by of montreal is usually interesting. The newest one had this giant fold out dinosaur thing.
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OK, just kidding.........but it is great in disturbing kind of way.
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My current favorites ar On Letting Go by Circa Survive, and Blackwater Park by Opeth

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I like this thread. This is different from the "greatest" or "best" album cover threads.
Cool is cool and is not necessarily the greatest or the best. So for a cool album cover, I nominate:

Coldplay's - Rush of Blood to the Head

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A lot of the Styx albums are pretty unique in their album art. Eye catching to say the least.
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Oh my, you better watch out for lightning...
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Originally Posted by davidhunternyc View Post
Oh my, you better watch out for lightning...
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Oh, i also put up Night is the New Day by Katatonia, though not just for the art, though awesome, the whole package is just too cool, ive never seen a case that awesome before, and the print on the top of the cd is equally as awesome as the cover art

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Originally Posted by Landis View Post
Nothing fancy, but I like the style and the album!

good album, too! have you heard the one he recorded with Ali Farka Toure?
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This album by Cheech & Chong came with a big rolling paper, but Alice Cooper one-upped that...

...with a giant billion-dollar bill
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