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Cool Album Covers ?

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I ordered Tool's 10,000 days and was suprised by the Album art. It came with an attached pair of 3d glasses and several 3d pictures. Super cool stuff

I can think of a few other album covers that have stood out;

Rolling Stones "Their Satanic Majesties Requests" Original album came with a holographic image on the cover

Every "Yes" album contained superb art work

What about you guys anything that really stood out and impressed you?
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Jethro Tull original pressing of Stand Up has a nice pup up with stylised images of the band members inside the gatefold package...

Thick As A brick had a sleeve shaped as a fake newspaper full of nonsensical humorous articles.

The original die-cut sleeve of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti is also nice and unique.
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Lateralus also has an awesome album cover.
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yup I remember physiacl Graffit. Lateralus oddly enough is my curent favorite album, unfortately I purchased it used and it did not come with the art. ARRRGGG
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I always thought a coffee table book with only album art in the original LP size would be a great idea.
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So many.......But how about "EAT A PEACH" with Its Inside "MUSHROOM ART" covering both sides!! BUT, I got to say (it's an age thing) for me "Sgt.Peppers" is right up there on my list, with it being the 1st LP to have all the lyrics printed on the rear cover, much less the unreal photo on its cover......
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Originally Posted by Ttvetjanu View Post
Lateralus also has an awesome album cover.
As does ├ćnima.
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The original Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Catch A Fire" vinyl release in the shape of a flip up Zippo lighter is unique.

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Not really "cool", but apparently some folks think this is very fetching.
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The Monty Python - Instant Record Collection.

Google Image Result for

These are great things you can't do with CD covers and the downloaders miss everything.
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Menomena - Friend or Foe is not only an awesome album but has an awesome case.

The album art has holes in the front so you can see down to some of the art on the CD. It's different depending on which way you twist the CD and which way you have the inner sleeve. Very unique.
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Nothing fancy, but I like the style and the album!

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Spinal Tap: Back From The Dead folds out with cardboard cutouts of the band standing on stage. The Amazon product photos show the album art unfolded and assembled.
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JJ Cale's Naturally has a beautiful case:

I also like this one:
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Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures was voted as the most iconic album cover of all time (2008 poll)

Originally Posted by John2e View Post
I always thought a coffee table book with only album art in the original LP size would be a great idea.
like these?

Roger Dean's book is 12.1"x12.1"

this one is 8"x8"
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