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Originally Posted by ßeckmªn View Post
This alternative requires the user to be operating in OSX, as Windows doesn't support Apple Lossless(ALAC). But if you own a Mac, using ALAC is mighty helpful. It converts a FLAC-file to ALAC in a matter of seconds, keeps the quality intact and not only that, it also decreases its size to 40-60% of the original size!
ALAC operates on all iPods and iPhones models, so yes, that way would be his first step towards an audiophile addiction.
That's incorrect, since all iPods require you to have iTunes installed, as I have on my WINDOWS VISTA comp, it easily supports ALAC w/no issues.

As for conversion, there a few apps that will do the conversion, FooBar2000 being just 1. There may be better apps available, I'm not a big ALAC user myself, but it's definitely compatible w/Windows.
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yea... not quite sure where you're getting your information from beckman
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big memory for Flac!

If somebody needs big memory player,there is simple solution,but not very perfect.There are different PMP players on the market with OTG function:
they can perform USB host.What they advertise - "any usb device" is not true;
somebody interested made recently experiments and one is very promising:
RAmos T11TE played with 250G HDD!this particular model has very good SQ
from dedicated audio Wolfson deck.It doesnt have long playing time,but has low price;and you can watch movies and pics on 5inch good display.Built quality is
very good.
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Just downloaded DBpoweramp and converted a couple of test tracks. Might be worth a look.
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