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Bassoon Music

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Hi all,

I have recently picked up the bassoon again, but I no longer have any of my sheet music. So, I figured I would ask what people think are the best sounds featuring the bassoon to look for...other than fantasia.

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Welcome back to the bassoon world! You're post confuses me: are you looking for sheet music to play or recordings with bassoon? Or orchestral recordings that have prominent bassoon parts?
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Mozart Concerto for Bassoon K191
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I've enjoyed "Karen Geoghegan plays Bassoon Concertos" on Chandos. She includes concertos by Hummel, von Weber, Berwald, Jacobi, Elgar and Gershwin.
It's well played and recorded.
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My girlfriend played bassoon for years. She says one of her favorites is "Five Sacred Trees" by John Williams.

I wish she'd finally gave to my requests for some "Yakkity Bassoon."
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After re reading my post, I realize it is indeed quite ambiguous. My original intention was to get recommendations for fun bassoon sheet music to play. However, my bassoon audio library is also quite small, so I thank those that have posted those as well = D.
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Vivaldi Concerto in E Minor. Quite hard as far as I know.

I'm a cellist and I'm just starting out on the bassoon myself.
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My girlfriend heard me listening to the Head-Fi/HDtracks album, and her eyes bugged out of her head when she heard some of the bends that the bassoonist applied on the "Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra: Movement 3" track.
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I checked that out too, and I have to say my reaction was much the same...still trying to put the left one back in XD
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Does anyone know the composer of that piece? No one can seem to tell me...

EDIT: Found with a bit of digging. For anyone that is interested, it is David Chesky's Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (Urban Concerto)
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