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Hi, I would love to give these headphones a try. I have read great things about them from many reviewers and would love to compare them to many other IEMs that I've listened to in the past (SE530, Westone3, 5pro, etc.) Thanks.
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That'd be pretty damn cool. I've got some Meelectronic M6's on the way, and my iM716's that I could compare them to.
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Please send me a pair of Copper Turbines as soon as you is convenient for you, and I will not only compare them to the other top universal and custom-fit IEMs in my possession, but the full-sized reference ones as well.

I believe that Headphones need to rock your world while getting out of the way of the music. The ideal pair should ideally transport the listener's mind to another place, out of time, and away from the more pedestrian redundancies of day-to-day life. That to me is the true definition of the audiophile approach to entertainment; pure escapism that morphs into a musical nirvana that one can ascend to, but only if one upgrades ones' gear enough.
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I'd like to give them a listen.
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I would like to give these a try, have always avoided Monster products, but I'm willing to give these a chance after the positive feedback from the other iterations of the Turbines.
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I would like to give it a try I'm currently using Monster Turbines and use to have Shure E2's and a SE110. I take the bus daily and am always out and about.
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I would like to apply to test the Monster Coppers for you and apply my simple mind to it.
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I've tried many IEMs but never been fully satisfied. I would like to give this one a try. I'll have a chance to compare it to very good IEMs that I currently have (Altec Lansing im716, Etymotic ER4-P/S, and RE0), and several pairs that I've tried in the past, and I'll make sure to share my opinions with the community.
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pick me
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I would love to try them and see if someone finally figured out how to fuse the RE0 with my beloved FX500 Plus, where I live, it currently is not being sold.
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Always been using open cups, will like to try a pair of top end in-ear. =)
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What the heck. I would like to review them - again.
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i would love to test them out and hear what people have been saying about these. thanks for the opportunity to as well.
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I would appreciate the opportunity to try and review these. I've done IEM reviews before (see here)
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Count me in. I enjoyed my Turbines and I'd like to compare them with these new ones.
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