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Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones - Page 19  

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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post


posted my review there

That was really nice! I should have mine done tomorrow. Only have tip differences, comparisons, and conclusions left.

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I think its gonna rain saturday, so if im stuck inside, i should be able to get some writing done.  All i have is some notes so far. 

I hope my pictures will post on all three forums.  

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Theres my HeadFi review.


Im going to post it now on Monster and Amazon.  :)

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Is it just me, or have others had a hard time posting their reviews on Monster and Amazon???


Both said there was an error and to try again later!!!  


Thank God it posts here so people know i really wrote a review!!! 

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Hm, haven't tried posting on Monster or Amazon yet. Almost done with my review and should be posting it on Head-fi sometime this week.

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I just bought Monster Turbine Pro Copper on an auction. Set me back 68.60 EUR including shipping. Fingers crossed for not being fakes. They are not new but were barely used (pictures were included, but they might as well be random pictures taken from the world wide web, isn't reliable either). Anyone knows what to look at to identify if they are real or fake? If I saw these headphones for like <100 EUR within the ''buy now'' section I would definately not buy them because my alarm bells would go off as ''fooneys!''. Now I don't know for sure, just hoping for the best!


The in-ears I use now are the Sony MDR-EX500LP. I paid 51.59 pounds including shipping for those on on the 22nd of March this year. I didn't treat them all that well so they are starting to fall apart. Sound quality still seems to be as good in the beginning as far as I can tell. But I just was looking for an upgrade after reading some stuff on head-fi. The ''sorry for your wallet'' is so true lol. 


Edit: Now I see this is a test thread. My bad, I owe you guys an apology.


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I wouldn't mind finding out how they compare with the likes of my Sennheiser IE8, Ultimate Ear TF10, Etymotic ER-4P and my Westone W3's. Please count me in.







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Oh my, finally a slim glimmer of hope that i might be able to try these out.

One word, SWANKY.o2smile.gif

Count me in!

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We have another promo? Please join me in then! I really want to live with the Coppers for a while!
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...this is a year old haha. My Coppers have already managed to split.

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My Golds also split. It's a shame, you'd think they were indestructible, made of metal as they are. But the glue comes apart so easily!


Still, it's easy to fix with some super glue.

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Luckily, the lifetime warranty applies for my pair, so I can get an updated pair, but they still seem to have strain relief problems no?

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I never had strain relief issue with the pro models, but the Vanilla model I broke the cable at the strain relief twice already.  On the other hand, the glue on the housing never came off at least; unlike with the Golds. But Monster definitely needs to take a look at the build quality of the Turbines, a shame because they sound awesome.

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One of the custom companies needs to figure out how to reshell dynamics...

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