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I usually just lurk here, but I thought I might as well throw my name into the ring. Who knows? I might get lucky.

I currently have the Ultimate Ears 10, 4, Sleek Audio SA1, SA6, Monster Turbine normal, and Beats Tours.

I listen to a variety of music, but I tend to favor rock, metal, acoustic guitar, orchestra, and any venn diagram overlap of the previous four.

I also play in an orchestra, so I'd like to think my ears are particularly trained, but who knows? I'm sure there are plenty of audiophiles out there who can listen to music just as well as I can.

When listening to music, especially orchestral, I tend to listen to how the timbre of the instruments are conveyed, as it helps me practice my own instrument. This also lets me know how the IEMs perform with what genre of music. For example, I was trying to listen to Beethoven's 4th on the Beats Tour, but couldn't get very far as the bass was much too over emphasized, the same (mostly) goes for the Turbines. The opening was superb, but once the full body of the orchestra came in, it became too much.

I found that the SA6 and 10's performed best on classical pieces.
Surprisingly enough, I felt that the SA1's performed really well on acoustic guitar pieces. Maybe the rosewood body added warmth to the sound or something, I don't really know, they just sounded amazing.

Anyway, hopefully the above information helps you in your selection process!
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I would really like the opportunity to test the Coppers. I was a previous Turbine owner and miss them frequently. And maybe, just maybe, you'll feel sorry for someone who has NEVER won anything in their entire life..... Just maybe?
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I'd love to test these IEM's. I currently own the monster turbine, hippo VB, and have recently tried the klipsch image s4, and some shures. I really love my turbines, they are so solid.

i've been playing guitar for 4 years, and sound quality has been important for me forever so i am always searching for the next best pair of IEM's and headphones.
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I'd love to test these iems also. I'm a classically trained pianist and guitarist. I've been playing all my life and the focus of my listening nowadays seams to be primarilly jazz, classical, progressive, and jazz fusion (From Shostakovish/Berlioz to Ahmad Jamal/Mingus through Yes/Dream Theatre and Weather Report). I'd also like to think I have discerning taste when it comes to audio equipment and it would clearly be my pleasure to participate in this test. I have extensive beta testing experience (primarilly for computer software) so am familiar with the process and whats expected of me. I've tested for a multitude of very prominant companies as well as universities.
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I would live to give them a try...I have used Monster products in the past and have always found them to be of high quality!
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Me too, I'd love to try those with my PAV2.

This has been a horribly unlucky phase so maybe this could change??
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I would love to test these out with some commercial grade sources (iPod touches, Sansa clips, Zunes, etc.) and let you know what I think ^^
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Anyone here from Monster yet regarding the second round of lucky reviewers?
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I'd like to test these and write a review for these as well. If I am chosen for testing I will compare them to my current earphones. I currently have the TF10s, and Phonak PFE. I also have a pair of Ultimate Ears 700 on the way.  I will test them all on a variety of sources including the sansa fuze, sansa clip, ipod nano, and iphone. I listen to a variety of music too. I can also include comparisons against full sized headphones like the hd25 and srh750dj. I was planning on writing a three way earphone review with detailed comparisons and photos, but with your help I can make it four-way review.

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I would love the chance to review these and would promise a detailed and comprehensive review.




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I'd like to thank Monster for choosing me to review the Coppers! I can't wait to get them!

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I'm also looking forward to giving these a test drive - was quite surprised when I received the invitation!


How long did it take for the package to show up for you guys in the first 10?

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I hope a round 3 happens. :)

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I was also shocked and very surprised to get a set of these as well, especially considering I'm from over the pond and I can't wait to give them a go.

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Count me in. I owned TF 10 pro, SE 530, IE8 , UM3X, X10, monster turbine etc and will have Eq-7 soon ( please see me personal profile). I am sure I can make a good comparison.


Being a member of choir for years, I hope I can get some sweet vocal from this baby.

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